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Software related to electrical engineering -- circuit layout/design tools, EDA (Electronic Design Automation), etc.

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Electrical & Related Software   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

ACS [GPL] -- general purpose circuit simulator.
ALLIANCE [GPL] -- CAD tools and portable libraries in digital VLSI design.
APLAC [CM] -- nonlinear circuit, system, and electromagnetic FDTD simulation and design program.
ASITIC [SR] -- analysis of Si inductors and transformers for ICs.
Auriga [CM] -- a Verilog and VHDL source-code analyzer, elaborator and optimizer.
autochar [GPL] -- automatic cell characterization of digital circuits.
Bartels AutoEngineer [CM] -- a complete family of EDA programs.
Bartels Autorouter [CM] -- electronic circuit capture and printed circuit board layout.
BitGen -- converting digital bitstreams to analog voltage sources.
BlueHDL -- a simulation tools provide VHDL and SystemC digital simulation capabilities.
brusey20 [GPL] -- converting state diagrams into synthesizable VHDL.
BSVC -- microprocessor simulation framework.
NEW Calibre [CM] -- physical verification of complex chip designs at deep submicron levels.
Carafe -- an inductive fault analysis tool for CMOS VLSI circuits.
Centauri [CM] -- a fast and high capacity HDL simulator for large applications.
chiplogo -- a simple program for generating pretty logos for putting on chips.
Chipmunk -- electronic circuit simulation and schematic capture, graphics editing, and curve plotting.
NEW Classic Ladder [GPL] -- ladder language as used on many PLC to realize automation of process.
DAI Comparescan [CM] -- a rule based simulation comparison tool.
NEW Crosstalk Analizer -- a CAD tool for extraction/detection of Crosstalk in VLSI/ULSI submicronic circuits.
Cynlib -- provides the vocabulary for hardware modelling in C++.
NEW Scicos -- a dynamic systems modeler and simulator.
DAI Signalscan [CM] -- a waveform viewing and simulation analysis environment.
danalyser -- a digital logic analyzer.
DigiTcl [GPL] -- allows users to construct and simulate simple digital circuits.
Dinotrace [GPL] -- a waveform viewer which understands Verilog Value Change Dumps, and other formats.
DRS [CM] -- a formal systhesis system for deriving verified hardware.
EAGLE [CM] -- an easy to use yet powerful tool for designing printed circuit boards.

Eaglesp3 -- a spice3 simulation upgrade for the Eagle layout system.
EALE [CM] -- a powerful text editor for VHDL and Verilog code entry.
EASE [CM] -- an easy way to graphically organize and navigate the HDL designs.
Electric [GPL] -- a complete EDA system that can handle many forms of circuit design.
EIDORS [GPL] -- electrical impedance tomography and diffusion based optical tomography reconstruction.
EOS -- an electronic object simulator.
Espresso -- a program which performs logic simplification.
EXOR -- an extensible object oriented digital circuit simulator.
FAST -- a framework for fast processor simulation.
fdtd2d -- 2D analysis for lossless dielectrics and perfect electrical conductors.
FMF -- free simulation and analysis models of electronic components.
FreeHDL -- a project to develop a VHDL simulator.
gEDA [GPL] -- GNU electronic design automation software.
Gemini -- comparing circuit wirelists.
Green Mountain VHDL [CM] -- VHDL'93 compiler/simulator with powerful editors.
gpsim [GPL] -- a full-featured software simulator for Microchip PIC microcontrollers.
HADLOP [GPL] -- a simulation system for parallel digital opto- electronic and optical architectures.
NEW HbFree -- simulation of radio frequency and microwave analog non-autonomous circuits.
HDLLint [CM] -- a powerful Lint program for Verilog and VHDL.
NEW IC Station [CM] -- suite of tools to handle the physical layout of IC designs.
INSPIRE -- a set of tools that are needed to simulate VHDL descriptions.
interHDL [CM] -- EDA tools for the Verilog HDL and VHDL community designing ASICs and FPGAs.
NEW Icarus Verilog [GPL] -- a Verilog simulation and synthesis tool.
IRSIM -- event-driven logic-level simulator for MOS circuits.
KLogic [GPL] -- a KDE application for easy building and simulating digital circuits.
Koala [CM] -- a GUI for mixed mode simulation visualization and manipulaiton.
Linux Modbus Code -- C code to read registers from modbus programmable logic controllers.
ModelSim [CM] -- a VHDL/Verilog simulator.
Magic -- integrated circuit layout tool.
MISTIC -- a planar process compiler for thin-film and micromachined devices.
MPAC [GPL] -- calculate critical design parameters of a rectangular microstrip patch antenna.
MUCS-PCB [GPL] -- producing multilayer digital PCBs.
Ng-spice -- a project to build an open source analog circuit simulator.
Ntesla [GPL] -- a tesla coil design program.
Ocean [GPL] -- chip design package.
Oregano [GPL] -- schematic capture and simulation of electrical circuits.
p2m -- convert an image file so it can be placed on your chip.
Pathway [CM] -- a single processor compiler/simulator for commercial applications.
Exploration [CM] -- personal and educational version of Pathway.
Pcb [GPL] -- handy tool for the X Window System build to design printed circuit boards.
Polaris [CM] -- high performance multi-mode Verilog simulation.
POLIS -- a framework for hardware-software co-design of embedded systems.
ProGenesis [CM] -- netlist-to-layout solution that incorporates your design style.
PSIM [GPL] -- PowerPC Microporcessor Architecture Model Simulation.
NEW Retro [GPL] -- designing synchronous hardware systems on register-transfer level.
NEW SATCAD [GPL] -- utilities for schematic capture, pcb design and tooling.
SCEPTRE -- simulation and analysis of nonlinear electric circuits and dynamic systems.
SEAMS -- a mixed-signal simulator for models written in the VHDL-AMS language.
SimpleScalar -- the SimpleScalar architectural research tool set.
SIS -- an interactive tool for synthesis and optimization of sequential circuits.
SLS -- a switch-level simulator used to simulate the behavior of digital MOS circuits.
SmartSpice [CM] -- a high performance analog circuit simulator.
SOS [CM] -- a source code management tool for hardware design engineers.
SpeedSim/3 [CM] -- a cycle-based simulators which is much faster than Verilog-XL.
Spice -- Berkeley circuit simulator.
Spice OPUS -- SPICE with integrated optimization utilities.
SPICECAD -- interfaces for SPICE3f4 , HSPICE and TITAN.
spicepp [GPL] -- a preprocessor to add capability to standard berkeley spice.
spiceprm [GPL] -- perl script preprocessor for Berkeley Spice circuit simulator.
SRecord [GPL] -- a collection of powerful tools for manipulating EPROM load files.
Stabie-Soft Software [CM] -- layout tools for the IC design industry.
Super FinSim [CM] -- a powerful and robust Verilog simulation environment.
Savant/TyVis/warped [GPL] -- parallel/sequential VHDL '93 simulation system.
SuperC [CM] -- Veritools adaptation of the SystemC simulator.
Supermax EDA [CM] -- a suite of applications environment for electronic design.
SystemC -- modeling platform consisting C++ class libraries and a simulation kernel.
TauSim [CM] -- a synchronous Verilog simulator with support for X and Z values.
THUD [GPL] -- an RTL simulation environment optimized for cycle-based designs.
NEW TimingAnalyzer -- draw timing diagrams and check for timing problems in digital systems.
TkGate [GPL] -- an event-driven digital circuit simulator.
TyVIS [GPL] -- a VHDL simulation kernel allows sequential and parallel simulation.
UDL/I -- a Hardware Description Language (HDL) for logic synthesis.
Undertow [CM] -- a powerful wave form display program for viewing digital and analog simulation.
V2000 Project [GPL] -- free implementation of Verilog-AMS simulator.
VBS [GPL] -- a simulator for Verilog HDL.
VCD Waveform viewer -- viewing value change dump file from verilog simulators.
VCS [CM] -- a high-performance commercial-grade Verilog simulator.
VDT -- fast/easy development and integration of VHDL application tools.
Ver -- a structural Verilog compiler.
VeriLogger [CM] -- a Verilog simulator.
VGI [GPL] -- a set of tools which extracts VHDL from blockdiagrams and state machines.
VGUI -- a graphical user interface for VHDL modeling.
vIDE [GPL] -- a cross-platform tool for writing and simulating Verilog models.
ViPEC -- analysis of high frequency, linear electrical networks.
VIS -- a system for verification and synthesis.
Voyeur -- visualization tool that displays a circuit schematic on the screen.
VSTGL [GPL] -- a graphical editor for Signal Transition Graphs and Petri nets.
WIAS-TeSCA -- modelling and simulation of semiconductor components.
WireC -- graphical language for describing complex microelectronic systems.
XCircuit -- drawing publishable-quality electrical circuit schematic diagrams.
XelCAD -- an X-based application, designed to create electrical circuit layouts.
Xelen [GPL] -- developing electrical sheets and creating layouts for printed circuits boards.
XicTools [CM] -- integrated circuit design tools for UNIX.
YA-EDA -- an EDA tool for Linux under development.
Yalsim -- a hierarchical timing and logic simulator.

Also check out:
NEW FE software for electromagnetics [CM] -- finite-element electromagnetic applications.
Micro Tools for Linux -- development tools for Atmel AVR micro-controllers.
VCG TOOL -- reads a textual specification of a graph and visualizes the graph.
VOV [CM] -- design flow management of computer aided design of complex system.

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