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There are many different academic approaches to try to solve the problem of embedded system design. In our opinion, none of them address satisfactorily the issues of unbiased specification and efficient automated synthesis for control-intensive reactive real-time systems. Therefore, we are developing a methodology for specification, automatic synthesis, and validation of this sub-class of embedded systems. Design is done in a unified framework, POLIS, with a unified hardware-software representation, so as to prejudice neither hardware nor software implementation. This model is maintained throughout the design process, in order to preserve the formal properties of the design.

The POLIS system is centered around a single Finite State Machine-like representation. A Co-design Finite State Machine (CFSM), like a classical Finite State Machine, transforms a set of inputs into a set of outputs with only a finite amount of internal state. The difference between the two models is that the synchronous communication model of classical concurrent FSMs is replaced in the CFSM model by a finite, non-zero, unbounded reaction time. This model of computation can also be described as Globally Asynchronous, Locally Synchronous. Each element of a network of CFSMs describes a component of the system to be modeled. The CFSM specification is a priori unbiased towards a hardware or software implementation. While both perform the same computation for each CFSM transition, hardware and software exhibit different delay characteristics. A synchronous hardware implementation of CFSM can execute a transition in 1 clock cycle, while a software implementation will require more than 1 clock cycle. CFSMs are also a synthesizable and verifiable model, because many existing theories and tools for the FSM model can be easily adapted for CFSM.

Current Version:   0.2

License Type:   Free, no warranty, copyrighed by the Univ. of California.

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Source Code Availability:   To download POLIS please fill out the feedback form at our Home Page.

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Sun4 (SunOS), Solaris, DEC-Alpha, DEC-Mips, HP-UX, Linux

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