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Physics and Astronomy have a long history in scientific research. Physics is especially considered fundamental to many other scientific and engineering fields. Hence it is no doubt there are quite a lot of scientists using Linux in their physical related research.

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Physics & Astronomy   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

NEW ABINIT [GPL] -- a quantum mechanical density functional calculations in periodic systems.
ASCL Archive -- astrophysics source code library archive.
AstrHorloge [GPL] -- an astronomy software showing a sky map and coordinates of stars.
Astrophysical software components written in Ada95 [GPL]
Automated Telescope Facility -- control/operate/processing for automated telescope.
BALSAC [CM] -- build and analyze lattices, surfaces, and clusters.
Camera -- a FITS image display and analysis tool for UNIX.
chi90s -- finds reflections which are suitable to use as psi scan reflections from a CAD4 file.
COSMICS -- computing transfer functions and microwave background anisotropy for cosmological models.
COSY INFINITY -- an arbitrary order beam dynamics simulation and analysis code.
Crunch -- automatic solution of the phase problem in single crystal X-ray diffraction.
DDSCAT -- calculate scattering and absorption of electromagnetic radiation.
DEF4 -- simulation of plane wave topographs of dislocations.
DEFW -- simulation of section topographs of dislocations.
Dervish -- toolkit for assembling data reduction pipelines and the host software for the SDSS.
DIRDIF -- crystal structure determination applied to difference structure factors.
DISCUS -- diffuse scattering and defect structure Simulation.
DrawP [GPL] -- draw radiation pattern of an antenna.
DRAWxtl -- display crystal structures in VRML or POV-RAY raytracer.
NEW EASY-99 -- calculating response of materials irradiated in a neutron flux.
eclipse [GPL] -- a data reduction engine applicable to astronomical infrared instruments.
Electronic Periodic Table of the Elements
EMAP -- a finite element electromagnetic modeling codes.
EPICS -- experimental physics industrial control system.
Emu/fdtd -- a 3D Maxwell's equation solver.
FEFF -- calculation of phase shifts and effective scattering amplitudes of polarization.
NEW FE software for electromagnetics [CM] -- finite-element electromagnetic applications.
Fitsblink -- manipulation with astronomical images in FITS format.
NEW FLASH -- a modular, adaptive, parallel simulation code for astrophysics.
FOAM [GPL] -- computer algebra program for high energy physics.
Free Physics [GPL] -- a project to create an educational physics simulator.
FullProf -- solve complex problems encountered in powder diffraction.
gax [GPL] -- creation of custom databases of astronomical information system.
gstar -- a GTK frontend for the starchart program.
HERMES -- software packages for high energy experiments.
Hitchhiker [GPL] -- an astronomy visualization program.
holocrunchies [GPL] -- a computational holography program.
IMD -- multilayer optical properties modeling and curve-fitting.
Java Analysis Studio -- an application for High Energy Physics data analysis.
NEW KOJAC [GPL] -- a set of Java classes implementing optical elements and optics laws.
LCS -- Monte Carlo codes for simulating particles in an energy regime from TeV to thermal energies.
libAstronomy [GPL] -- provides a set of astronomical routines to ease the calculation of ephemerides.
Light Speed! -- simulation of special relativity on the appearance of moving objects.
LightPipes [CM] -- build models of optical devices when diffraction is essential.
Linux for Astronomy CDROM distribution -- includes many major astronomy packages.
MagSolve -- interactive finite element programs for 2D static magnetic field problems.
Mapa -- C++/Motif application for the modeling and design of particle accelerators.
MIT Photonic-Bands [GPL] -- compute band structures and electromagnetic modes of periodic dielecric structures.
Nightfall [GPL] -- interactive astronomy application for animated views of eclipsing binary stars.
NEC -- code for modelling electromagnetic response of antennas and other metal structures.
NEMO -- an extendible stellar dynamics toolbox.
Nova [GPL] -- Integrated Observational Environment for astronomers.
OOMMF -- a portable, extensible public domain micromagnetic programs and tools.
OPACS -- a visualization environment to ease the "Event display" programming.
OpenQubit/NewSpin [GPL] -- open project/code for quantum computing.
Optical Scattering -- a collections of Fortran 77 routines for electromagnetic scattering theory.
Robust code for computing smooth magnetotelluric transfer functions
Physics Applets -- some demonstrations/simulations of basic physics principles, in Java applet.
PolRadTran -- polarized radiative transfer model.
PulseTLM [GPL] -- a more full featured 3D transmission line matrix simulator.
QCDMPI -- pure QCD Monte Carlo simulation with MPI.
qwen -- computes energy levels and wave functions in semiconductor quantum wells.
NEW radarFDTD [GPL] -- full 3D-FDTD simulation of elctromagnetic waves.
Satlas -- Xwindow application for stellar abundance analysis.
SatTrack [CM] -- a real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction software.
SCEPTRE [GPL] -- simulation and analysis of nonlinear electric circuits and dynamic systems.
seesat5 [GPL] -- a program for predicting satellite visability.
SHEEP -- a computer algebra system designed primarily for general relativity.
SHELX -- a set of programs for crystal structure determination from single-crystal diffraction data.
SIMPRO -- a full powder pattern fitting program.
SIMREF -- program for simultaneous Rietveld refinement with multible powder datasets.
SKID -- finds gravitationally bound groups in N-body simulations.
slen -- calculates de band structure of a semiconductor superlattices with Kronig-Penney method.
Slopefit -- a fast program to calculate slope parameters of particle momentum spectra.
SMEED -- a maximum entropy program used in crystallography.
SMOOTH -- code for calculating mean-field quantities in N-body simulations.
SnB -- crystal structure determination with a direct phasing algorithm.
The SSRL Absorption Package -- calculate anomalous dispersion corrections, atomic form factors, etc.
Ssystem [GPL] -- -- an OpenGL solar system simulator.
Stars [GPL] -- an interactive star atlas software.
starchart [GPL] -- draws maps of things in the sky.
Starlink Software Collection -- many data processing programs for astronomers.
StarSplatter -- a renderer for particle data, specifically data generated by astrophysics simulations.
T-Matrix -- computing electromagnetic scattering by nonspherical and aggregated particles.
TART -- neutron-photon 3D Monte Carlo transport code.
TIPSY -- display and analyze the results of N-body simulations in astronomy.
ToyFDTD.html -- a series of codes demonstrating implementation of 3D FDTD.
Twin Paradox Applet -- draws a spacetime diagram for the Twin Paradox.
XANADU -- X-ray astronomical spectral, timing and imaging data analysis.
Xephem -- interactive astronomy program.
XFDTD [CM] -- a 3D Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) software for electromagnetics.
XFITSview [GPL] -- a viewer for FITS format images for unix/X-Windows.
XLOOPS -- a program calculating Feynman diagrams.
XMD -- a program for performing molecular dynamics simulations.
Xop -- an X-ray oriented program.
Xplns -- an astronomy simulation software for UNIX.
XPMA/ZORTEP -- graphical viewing of structures and the hardcopy output.
XRS X-ray Rietveld System -- programs for crystal structural analysis with powder diffraction data.
xsky -- an interactive sky atlas for X windows.
xspace -- a space physics educational software package.
XStar [GPL] -- solves the n-body problem and displays the results on screen.
Xtal_GX -- a crystallographic computing package.
Xwake -- a code for wake potential and impedance calculations.
NEW ZVView -- interactive plotting of reactions cross sections.

Also Check Out:
ADAMO -- a system for scientific programming based on the Entity- Relationship (ER) model.
AIPS [GPL] -- calibration, data analysis, image display, plotting on astronomical data.
AIPS++ [GPL] -- astronomical information processing system.
APLAC [CM] -- nonlinear circuit, system, and electromagnetic FDTD simulation and design program.
Collaborative Computational Projects -- assist in developing, maintaining, and distributing software.
CERNLIB -- a large collection of general purpose programs for mathematical or data-handling problems.
Draco -- data reduction and analysis.
EMLIB -- computational electromagnetic codes.
ESO-MIDAS [GPL] -- tools for image processing and data reduction with emphasis on astronomical applications.
eXsas -- extended scientific analysis system for X-ray and XUV data.
frame_integrate -- programs for viewing/integrating 2D x-ray or neutron diffraction images.
FTOOLS -- utility programs used to create, examine, or modify the FITS data files.
IRAF [GPL] -- general purpose software system for the reduction and analysis of scientific data.
Karma [GPL] -- library for signal and image processing applications.
MIRIAD -- Multichannel Image Reconstruction, Image Analysis and Display.
PAW -- an instrument to assist physicists in the analysis and presentation of their data.
PenguMetrics [GPL] -- software collection for the operation of optical (UV/VIS/NIR) spectrometers.
PGPLOT -- Fortran 77 subroutine package for scientific 2,3D plots.
PROS -- an x-ray analysis software system designed to run under IRAF.
The Remote Microscope -- remotely controllable optical microscope over the Internet.
RSICC -- computer software and data sets in the areas of radiation transport and safety.
SCATTERLIB -- a library of single and multiple (radiative transfer) light scattering codes.
Software from Symbolic Computation Group -- for symbolic computation in physics.
XBS [GPL] -- a simple but useful program for plotting ball-and-sticks models of molecules or crystals.

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