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The Symbolic Computation Group of the DFT-UERJ was created in 1993. The activity of the group consists of implementing mathematical methods for physics using symbolic computation, and of using the resulting software packages in related problems. The software are all implemented in Maple, and they include:

  • The Grassmann package -- for symbolic computing with anti-commutative and non-commutative variables.
  • The partials package -- for evaluating partial and functional derivatives of tensor functions.
  • The PDEtools package -- for the analytical solving of partial differential equations.
  • The ODEtools package -- for solving first and second order ordinary differential equations using symmetry methods.
  • The Poincare package -- for plotting Poincare sections of Hamiltonian (dynamical) systems.
  • The Vecalc package -- for doing algebraic and differential calculus with symbolic vector functions (not matrices) in curvilinear coordinates.
  • The PDEplot -- for 3D plots of non-linear first order PDEs.

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