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The Collaborative Computational Projects (CCPs), assist universities in developing, maintaining, and distributing computer programs and promoting the best computational methods. The sub-directories include:

  • CCP1 --- The electronic structure of molecules
  • CCP2 --- Continuum states of atoms and molecules
  • CCP3 --- Computational studies of surfaces
  • CCP4 --- Protein crystallography
  • CCP5 --- Computer simulation of condensed phases
  • CCP6 --- Heavy particle dynamics
  • CCP7 --- Analysis of Astronomical Spectra
  • CCP9 --- Electronic structure of solids
  • CCP11 --- Biosequence and structure analysis
  • CCP12 --- High Performance Computing in Engineering
  • CCP13 --- Fibre diffraction
  • CCP14 -- Powder diffraction
Most of the software here are written in Fortran and some of them have been tested on Linux.

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