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Items Added in July and August, 1999:

OptSolve++ -- C++ software components for nonlinear optimization.[1999/08/31]
Mapa -- C++/Motif application for the modeling and design of particle accelerators.[1999/08/31]
PMOD [CM] -- Java software for kinetic modeling and medical image processing.[1999/08/31]
Pablo -- performance analysis and optimization of parallel and distributed systems.[1999/08/31]
CodeGuide [CM] -- pure Java IDE with advanced incremental compiler technology.[1999/08/31]
AnyJ -- cross-platform Java IDE & source code engineering solution.[1999/08/31]
Vampir [CM] -- visualization and analysis of MPI programs.[1999/08/31]
MagPIe -- a library of MPI collective communication operations optimized for WAN.[1999/08/31]
FMF -- free simulation and analysis models of electronic components.[1999/08/31]
WARPED -- a Time Warp simulation kernel written in C++.[1999/08/31]
TyVIS [GPL] -- a VHDL simulation kernel allows sequential and parallel simulation.[1999/08/31]
GNU Prolog [GPL] -- a Prolog compiler with constraint solving over finite domains.[1999/08/31]
XESCA [GPL] -- XWindow extended simulator of cellular automata.[1999/08/31]
DEVise -- an environment for data exploration and visualization.[1999/08/31]
TCBI NumLib [GPL] -- templated library of numerical base calsses for basic data structures.[1999/08/31]
Méfisto -- 2/3D mesh generator and thermal/elastic FEM solver.[1999/08/31]
XBasic -- interactive program development environment and GuiDesigner.[1999/08/31]
Jessie -- cross platform integrated development environment.[1999/08/31]
Unlimited Simulator [GPL] -- help create whatever simulation from games to scientific applications.[1999/08/31]
Ilib [GPL] -- an image manipulation library supporting many formats.[1999/08/31]
Rational Reducer [CM] -- optimizing 3D models for real-time visualization.[1999/08/31]
X/RTA -- real time analyzer for the X window system.[1999/08/17]
Clarrhmos [GPL] --- a clinical arrhythmia model simulator.[1999/08/17]
Grany [GPL] -- the cellular automation simulator.[1999/08/17]
GJ -- a generic Java language extension.[1999/08/17]
IMSL C Numerical Libraries [CM] -- math/statistics numerical subroutines for C programming.[1999/08/17]
Qmol -- molecular Viewer for structure and trajectory data.[1999/08/17]
Multipack [GPL] -- math Fortran routines linked to Python.[1999/08/17]
PCMODEL [CM] -- a complete molecular modeling package for research chemists.[1999/08/17]
ION [CM] -- efficient data analysis/visualization for Web client applications.[1999/08/17]
VisuaAge Java [CM] -- a Java development environment from IBM.[1999/08/17]
ATPPCF [GPL] -- automatic theorem prover in languages of positively constructed formulae.[1999/08/17]
gRMA [GPL] -- a graphical tool for Rate Monotonic Analysis.[1999/08/17]
nunu [GPL] -- a simple and scriptable neural network.[1999/08/17]
LK [GPL] -- implementation of the Lin-Kernighan heuristic for the Traveling Salesman Problem.[1999/08/17]
QGraphi -- WYSIWYG graphical software for some linear programming problems.[1999/08/17]
RRD Tool [GPL] -- a system to store and display time-series data.[1999/08/17]
Mathutils [GPL] -- math utilities for stdin/stdout script programming.[1999/08/17]
VTeX/Lnx -- a partial port of the VTeX/Win TeX compiler to Linux.[1999/08/17]
f/Calc [GPL] -- a utility for photographers that calculates optical formula.[1999/08/17]
Math [GPL] -- intended to speed up tasks normally done with calculators or by hand.[1999/08/17]
nep -- an interactive data plot program based on BLT.[1999/08/17]
PStill [SR] -- a multiplatform PostScript to PDF converter.[1999/08/17]
Applix SHELF [GPL] -- an embedable fully featured programming language.[1999/08/17]
CompuPic -- an interactive multimedia file manager and manipulation program.[1999/08/17]
rotfl [GPL] -- a simple text-formatting language.[1999/08/17]
QuickList [GPL] -- simple program similar to Microsoft Works databases for keeping track of things.[1999/08/17]
GtkGraph [GPL] -- an application designed to replace a conventional graphing calculator.[1999/08/17]
LaTeX2HTML -- a LaTeX to HTML converter.[1999/08/17]
MOOD-SX [GPL] -- OODBMS capable of concurrent, multi-client database services on the Internet.[1999/07/29]
pasu -- Tcl/Tk based probability and statistics utilities.[1999/07/29]
Eaglesp3 -- a spice3 simulation upgrade for the Eagle layout system.[1999/07/29]
TauSim [CM] -- a synchronous Verilog simulator with support for X and Z values.[1999/07/29]
QScheme [GPL] -- a fast and small implementation of Scheme written in C.[1999/07/29]
HartMath [GPL] -- a computer algebra program written in Java.[1999/07/29]
Swiss PDBViewer -- a user friendly interface to analyse several proteins at the same time.[1999/07/29]
WinMGM -- a molecular graphism program.[1999/07/29]
PM3D [GPL] -- a program to transform 3D data to grayscale or color maps.[1999/07/29]
XTrkCad [CM] -- a computer aided layout design program for model railroaders.[1999/07/29]
EQUINOX -- a 3D software package.[1999/07/29]
GtkPlot [GPL] -- Gtk widget for drawing high quality 2D scientific plots.[1999/07/29]
Tkpaint -- a vector drawing and graphics program based on Tcl/Tk.[1999/07/29]
QB2C -- a QuickBASIC to C translator with X11 graphics support.[1999/07/29]
X-WordPad -- a Tcl/Tk based easy-to-use text editor.[1999/07/29]
V2000 Project [GPL] -- free implementation of Verilog-AMS simulator.[1999/07/29]
JChemPaint [GPL] -- a program for drawing 2D chemical structures, written in Java.[1999/07/29]
Jmol [GPL] -- an open-source molecule viewer and editor.[1999/07/29]
Cinderella -- an interactive geometry software written in Java.[1999/07/29]
CYCAS [CM] -- an architectural software for drafting and design in 2/3D.[1999/07/29]
LHC++ [GPL] -- OO software library to replace CERNLIB.[1999/07/16]
Biomer -- a web-based molecular modeling package for small organic molecules.[1999/07/16]
GPeriodic [GPL] -- a periodic table reference software.[1999/07/16]
INSPIRE -- a set of tools that are needed to simulate VHDL descriptions.[1999/07/16]
ped -- a text editor with a dual vi/emacs interface.[1999/07/16]
KHexEdit [GPL] -- a versatile binary file editor.[1999/07/16]
Paloma [GPL] -- a relational music/mp3 database system.[1999/07/16]
SEAMS -- a mixed-signal simulator for models written in the VHDL-AMS language.[1999/07/16]
Hevea -- a LaTeX to HTML translator.[1999/07/16]
autochar [GPL] -- automatic cell characterization of digital circuits.[1999/07/16]
DigiTcl [GPL] -- allows users to construct and simulate simple digital circuits.[1999/07/16]
ACIS [CM] -- 3D modeling system provides curve, surface, and solid in an OO architecture.[1999/07/16]
Dinotrace [GPL] -- a waveform viewer which understands Verilog Value Change Dumps, and other formats.[1999/07/16]
Jun for Java -- a 3D graphics library with topology and geometry.[1999/07/16]
gpsim [GPL] -- a full-featured software simulator for Microchip PIC microcontrollers.[1999/07/16]
FreeHDL -- a project to develop a VHDL simulator.[1999/07/16]
Compaq Fortran for Linux Alpha -- Alpha optimized Fortran compiler.[1999/07/16]
SLS -- a switch-level simulator used to simulate the behavior of digital MOS circuits.[1999/07/16]
UDL/I -- a Hardware Description Language (HDL) for logic synthesis.[1999/07/16]
VCD Waveform viewer -- viewing value change dump file from verilog simulators.[1999/07/16]
YA-EDA -- an EDA tool for Linux under development.[1999/07/16]
ne [GPL] -- easy to use and powerful text editor for UN*X.[1999/07/16]
gView -- GTK/ImLib based image viewer similar to ACDSee.[1999/07/16]
ToyFDTD.html -- a series of codes demonstrating implementation of 3D FDTD.[1999/07/16]
Mgraph -- easy to use graphic software for fast visualization of 2D scientific data.[1999/07/16]
Gato [GPL] -- a software which visualizes algorithms on graphs.[1999/07/16]
BNG -- a tool for constructing structurally minimal Bayesian networks.[1999/07/16]
PIPS -- workbench for analyzing and transforming scientific parallel applications.[1999/07/16]

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