Cinderella, written in Java, is an interactive geometry software based on brand new mathematical theory. Some of its features are:

  • Modular design which makes it easy to adapt to the learning environment.
  • With Cinderella you can have different "views" of the same construction. Manipulations can be done in each of them, and they are all updated synchronously.
  • With Cinderella you can visualize and measure in hyperbolic and spherical geometry, and it can be extend to other geometries while still using the same flexible framework.
  • Cinderella guarantees to generate the complete and correct locus quickly. This relies heavily on the unique theory used for continuity of elements.
  • Based on continuity and randomized theorem proving, Cinderella can perform automatic theorem proving.
  • Cinderella is designed for todays high-resolution displays and projectors and also output high quality, scalable postscript file as well.

Current Version:   ??

License Type:   Demo Available

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:   No

Available Binary Packages:

  • Debian Package:   No
  • RedHat RPM Package:   No
  • Other Packages:   ??

Targeted Platforms:

inderella should run under every operating system that has a Java-1.1 port. This includes Windows 95/98/NT, Sun Solaris (Sparc), Linux, IBM AIX, HP/UX and many others.

Software/Hardware Requirements:

Java 1.1

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