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WARPED is a public domain Time Warp simulation kernel written in C++.

The TimeWarp parallel synchronization protocol has been the topic of research for a number of years, and many modifications/optimizations have been proposed and analyzed. The WARPED project is an attempt to make a freely available TimeWarp simulation kernel that is easily ported, simple to modify and extend, and readily attached to new applications.

The WARPED system is implemented in C++ and utilizes the object oriented capabilities built into that language. Even if one is interested in WARPED only at the system interface level, they must understand concepts such as inheritance, virtual functions, and overloading. The benefit of this type of design is that the end user can redefine and reconfigure functions without directly changing kernel code. Any system function can be overloaded to fit the user's needs and any basic system structure can be redefined. This capability allows the user to easily modify the system queues, GVT algorithms, or practically anything else. This flexibility makes the WARPED system a powerful tool in TimeWarp experimentation.

Current Version:   1.01

License Type:   Public Domain

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g++, implementation of MPI

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