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GtkPlot is a widget for GTK+. It allows to draw high quality scientific plots in two dimensions with a look and feel very similar to Microcal Origin for Windows. The distribution includes GtkPlotLayout, a simple GtkLayout subclass, and a demo program showing two layered plots with different kind of curves. You can choose between a number of symbol types, lines, connectors (straight lines, steps, splines), and change their attributes (color, size, width). You can also plot functions, add error bars, edit legends, rotate and move axis titles, change axis properties, and more. GtkPlot-2.x includes a GtkPlotCanvas widget which allows DnD plots, points, and child objects (text, axis titles). You can move them or resize your plots dragging with the mouse!. GtkPlot 3.x includes a Postscript driver.

Current Version:   5.0

License Type:   GPL

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Source Code Availability: Yes

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  • Debian Package: ??
  • RedHat RPM Package: ??
  • Other Packages: ??

Targeted Platforms:

GTK+ platforms

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