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This section includes many useful tools to assist in programming. Syntax checkers, class libraries, and other general-purpose toolkits are a few examples among them. Code analyzers and graphical design/modeling tools are often seen in the high-end Integrated Developments Environment (IDE).

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Software Developments Environment:
AnyJ -- cross-platform Java IDE & source code engineering solution.
Argo/UML -- an object-oriented design tool with cognitive support.
Basis -- a system for developing interactive computer programs in Fortran.
BlueJ -- an integrated Java environment specifically designed for introductory teaching.
C-Forge IDE [CM] -- a multi-user full-featured integrated development environment.
Chicory -- an integrated software application development environment written in Java.
Code Crusader [CM] -- a C/C++ development environment for X Windows.
CodeGuide [CM] -- pure Java IDE with advanced incremental compiler technology.
Cohesion -- advanced modeling tool and software development environment.
CMeister -- a platform and compiler independent IDE for developing C applications.
Emacs JDE [GPL] -- an Emacs-based integrated development environment for Java.
Free Builder [GPL] -- develop a free Java Integrated Development Environment.
Forte -- an IDE for development of applications based on Java 2 SE.
GBB/NetGBB [CM] -- an object-oriented application developing environment.
gIDE [GPL] -- gtk-based Integrated Development Environment for C.
Glade [GPL] -- a free user interface builder for GTK+.
GNUPRO Toolkit [CM] -- low-cost development tools for native and embedded software developers.
IDEAFIX [CM] -- an integrated software development and application evnironment.
JBuilder 3 Foundation -- fast and robust IDE for Java application development.
Jessie -- cross platform integrated development environment.
Jipe -- Java integrated programming environment.
JOODA [GPL] -- Java object oriented development application.
JX Development Suite [CM] -- featured loaded package for Linux software development.
Kazlib -- a robust ANSI C data structure library.
KDevelop [GPL] -- C++ development environment for GNU standard applications on Unix/X11.
NEW makepp -- a drop-in replacement with more reliable builds and simpler makefiles.
Modelistic [CM] -- help build stronger OO models in less time with Java.
Moonshine -- an application development tool that supports a wide variety of languages.
NEW Motor [GPL] -- a text mode integrated programming environment.
NetBeans -- a Java development environment, written in Java.
NEW Phoenix Object Basic [SR] -- object-oriented RAD tool with Visual Basic interface.
ProvideX [CM] -- an object-oriented, business BASIC development environment.
RHIDE [GPL] -- an integrated development environment originally written for DJGPP.
Simplicity Professional [CM] -- a rapid application development tool for Java applications.
SNiFF+ [CM] -- an integrated object-oriented software development environment.
SNiFF+ Penguin IDE - free Linux C/C++ IDE.
SoftModeler/Business [CM] -- an enterprise Java modeling tool for business software developers.
StructureBuilder [CM] -- a Java component/application building tool.
TclPro -- a development environment for professional Tcl developers.
TextSurgeon [CM] -- programmers workbench for UNIX C/C++ software developers.
VIBE [CM] -- a fully integrated development environment for building Java applications.
VisuaAge Java [CM] -- a Java development environment from IBM.
Wedit for Linux -- a full-featured IDE for Linux.
NEW WideStudio -- an IDE for for building windowed event driven applications.
NEW Wing IDE -- an integrated development environment for the Python.
WingEditor [CM] -- a simple Java Development Environment implemented in Java.
WipeOut -- an integrated development environment for C++, Java, Eiffel and Fortran.
NEW wxDesigner [CM] -- dialog editor and RAD tool for wxWindows GUI library.
XBasic -- interactive program development environment and GuiDesigner.
xwpe [GPL] -- a window programming environment designed for use on UNIX.

Code Analyzers/Managers:
NEW AccuRev/CM [CM] -- a fast, powerful, and easy-to-use "Timesafe" SCM tool.
Aegis [GPL] -- a transaction-based software configuration management system.
aiCache -- statically analyze and understand the cache behavior of your tasks.
alma [GPL] -- a software workshop for modeling and analysing.
Artistic Style -- identer and reformatter of C, ++ and Java source codes.
Agat [GPL] -- tool for exploring a program's behavior.
APIdeduce -- analyse the complete C source code and produce usage of API's.
bprof [GPL] -- a utility that provides execution profiling per source code line.
C-Mix -- a program specializer for making faster C code.
CCCC -- measuring software product metrics on C/C++ source code.
CodeCheck [CM] -- a programmable tool for managing C and C++ source code on a file or project basis.
CodeColorizer -- a web-based utility that can "colorize" the source code to make it easier to read.
CodeWarrior [CM] -- an industrial-strength, easy-to-use Integrated Development Environment.
CodeWizard [CM] -- a comprehensive tool for code analysis in C/C++ programs.
cbrowser/cscope -- a tool for browsing C, C++ and Java code with GUI.
CVS [GPL] -- tool to manage software revision and release control.
NEW Depot -- a software management tool for UNIX.
FLOPPY/FLOW -- a software tool that analyze the FORTRAN code.
flow [GPL] -- analyse the structure of a fortran77 program.
FTNCHEK -- Fortran 77 program checker.
GLOBAL -- a browsing system for C, Yacc and Java source code.
IDA -- an interprocedural analyser for Fortran 90 and HPF programs.
Insure++ [CM] -- an error detection tool in C/C++ programs.
IntelliJ Renamer [CM] -- a multi-platform Java source code management tool.
Jlint -- check Java code and find bugs, data flow analysis and building lock graph.
MKS Code Integrity [CM] -- a powerful C source code analyzing tool.
PERFORCE [CM] -- a fast Software Configuration Management System.
Plumber -- identify the memory leaks in the software.
PRCS [GPL] -- a project revision control system.
RSM [CM] -- code quality analysis and metrics for ISO9001 and SEI certifications.
LCLint -- a tool for statically checking C programs.
OPTIMIX -- generate program analyses and transformations.
Source Code Engineering Tool for C/C++/Java teams [CM]
TkfPW -- a GUI manager for Fortran projects and libraries.
VCS -- a small version control software.

Code Documentation Systems:
Code2HTML -- converts a program source code to syntax highlighted HTML.
Doxygen [GPL] -- a documentation system for C++.
Cxref [GPL] -- a C source code cross referencing and documenting program for UNIX.
DOC++ [GPL] -- documentation system for C++ in various output formats.
Exuberant Ctags [GPL] -- generates an index file of C language for use in other tools.
for2html -- a Perl script that translates Fortran sources into HTML pages.
FWEB [GPL] -- a WEB system of structured documentation for multiple languages.
KDOC [GPL] -- generates class documentation for C++ programs, in HTML/LaTeX/man pages.
ObjectManual -- extracts comments and relevant information from C++/C into HTML pages.
PERCEPS -- documentation generation for C/C++ header files.

ACE -- object oriented toolkit that implements design patterns for communication software.
AdaSockets [GPL] -- allow using sockets in Ada.
NEW Alloy -- an object modelling notation and a tool for analyzing the model.
argtable [GPL] -- programmer's library for command line arguments parsing in C or C++.
ASKVAL -- a 8 bit clean C library to replace the scanf, allowing edition and history capabilities.
Berlin -- a new UNICODE POSIX-compliant windowing system and application environment.
CFORTRAN -- tools for machine independent interface between C and FORTRAN.
C Interfaces and Implementations -- techniques for creating reusable software.
ccmalloc -- memory profiling and malloc debugging library for C/C++.
CDK -- a widget library for speedy development of full screen curses programs.
ClibPDF -- ANSI C library for direct PDF generation.
clig [GPL] -- a command line interpreter generator.
Clustor [CM] -- a task crunching utility which manages your computational tasks.
CNCL [GPL] -- a collection of C++ class library.
COBF -- manipulates C/C++ source in a way that they aren't readable by human beings.
Code Medic [CM] -- provides an elegant graphical interface to gdb's most debugging features.
Common C++ [GPL] -- portable support for threading, sockets, file access, deamons, persistance, and system services.
COOOL -- tools for writing optimization code and solving optimization problems.
Cygnus GNU-Win32 [GPL] -- a porting tool for porting unix applications to Windows 95/NT.
DCOM FTE -- SOFTWARE AG/Microsoft alliance that brings DCOM to non-Microsoft platforms.
DDD [GPL] -- a data display debugger and front end for GDB, DBX and XDB.
DCE-RPC -- a port of OSF's public domain DCE-RPC source kit (PD DCE) to Linux.
Demeter -- an object-oriented software development method.
DIOSS [CM] -- distributed interface object server development system.
Drat -- an Object-Oriented interface to the curses library written in C++.
Eli [GPL] -- an environment for the construction of text translators, useful in compiler construction.
Elixir IDE [CM] -- a programmer's IDE with scripting egines and version control systems.
FACT! -- functional additions to C++ through templates and classes.
Fortran Unformatted File Utilities
ForUtil [GPL] -- a collection of Fortran 77 utilities.
GGI -- gives the Linux Virtual Consoles pixel-graphics drawing and display capabilities, etc.
GNU Classpath [GPL] -- a free software replacement for Sun's propretary Java core class libraries.
GRASP -- GUI front-end for GNAT, gcc, and JDK.
GroupKit -- a Tcl/Tk groupware toolkit for building real-time applications.
NEW GVD [GPL] -- a general purpose graphical debugger frontend.
HPFfe -- an HPF/Java front-end.
iMake [CM] -- a platform independent make processor written entirely in Java.
Instant Installer [CM] -- produces a universal installer that will run on all the Java platforms.
interpcom [GPL] -- a C library of command interpreter.
Invariant [GPL] -- a C++ library for software debugging and automatic consistancy checking.
IPM -- an interface for taking performance statistics over an "interval" of a code's execution.
ILU -- multi-language object interface system.
ixlib [GPL] -- C++ library with regular expressions, automatic arrays, garbage collection, matrix handling, planar geometry.
J2K [GPL] -- a portable C++ library providing classes similar to Java Common API.
JGL -- a generic collection library for Java.
Jikes -- a multi-paneled graphical debugger for remote Java program.
JSci -- a science API for Java.
Jylu -- ILU runtime kernel and Java Language binding.
Kafka -- an agent library for constructing multi-agent based distributed applications. -- a Tcl/Tk library providing KDE look and feel.
Libero [GPL] -- a programmer's tool and code generator.
LIBPA -- a library which provides efficient implementations of conceptually simple abstractions.
Libretto [GPL] -- a library of easy-to-use generic container types for C.
lperfex [GPL] -- a utility which accesses the hardware performance counters.
Lpp -- a library of Lisp like functions and macros usable in C++ programs.
The New Jersey Machine-Code Toolkit -- helps write applications that process machine code.
noweb -- a simple, extensible tool for literate programming.
Nutmeg [CM] -- a full implementation of a Smalltalk Collection Class Library for Java.
Omega -- frameworks and algorithms for the analysis and transformation of scientific programs.
omniORB [GPL] -- a robust, high performance CORBA 2 ORB.
opt -- a command-line parser for convenient input of parameters to a C program.
OSE -- a collection of programming tools and class libraries targeted mainly at C++ programmers.
PACT -- libraries and utilities to facilitate the development of portable software systems.
Paradigm Visual Make -- C/C++/etc. software development environment.
PCCTS -- software designed to facilitate the construction of compilers and other translation systems.
PCYACC [CM] -- a language development environment that generates C, C++, Java, etc. source code.
PDFlib -- C library for generating PDF files.
PDT -- a tool infrastructure providing access to high-level interface of source code.
NEW PING [GPL] -- a C library of useful functions that simplify systems software development.
plusFORT -- FORTRAN programmers' toolkit.
PowerRPC [CM] -- a powerful ONC RPC development tool.
Programmer's Reusable Library (PRL) [GPL] -- library for FORTRAN 77 programming.
QDD [GPL] -- a quantum computer emulation library.
Rogue Wave Libraries [CM] -- C++ libraries for cross-platform software development.
Rudiments [GPL] -- a C++ class library for daemons, clients, servers, etc.
SFL -- a portable function library for C/C++ programs.
S-Lang [GPL] -- an interpreted language could be embedded into an extensible application.
Shaman [GPL] -- a library that provides an environment for some common C programming tasks.
Source-Navigator [CM] -- an integrated development environment for programming.
SPUNK -- a portable C++ class library for textmode applications.
STL -- a C++ library of container classes, algorithms, and iterators.
StopWatch -- a Fortran 90 module for measuring execution time of program segments.
StudioJ [CM] -- integrated Java components for data analysis/charting/database access.
SWIG -- development tool designed to build scripting language interfaces to C/C++ programs.
System Abstraction Layer -- subsystems of multitasking, file IO and socket IO.
NEW TACO [GPL] -- a toolkit for building object-oriented control systems.
TET -- collection of test tools including a test harness and API for system testing.
NEW Thorn -- creating an open source project for UML modeling.
Tuba -- a debugger for Tcl/Tk/Itcl programs.
TVision -- help construct OO character-mode user interface in a short time.
Unix System Library for Fortran (libU77.a) -- an implementation of libU77.a on UNIX.
VisualWorks -- a rich interactive programming environment for the Smalltalk-80 language.
The Willows Toolkit for Unix [GPL] -- a cross-platform development tools.
Xref-Speller -- Emacs and Vedit macros closely cooperating with C and Java cross referencer.
XTL [GPL] -- a C++ library for reading/writing structured data to/from an external representation.
YACL -- a C++ class library that offers high-level abstractions for common programming problems.

Also Check Out:
AD Model Builder [CM] -- rapid development of nonlinear statistical models.
ANGOSS SmartWare [CM] -- relational database, spreadsheet, word processor, communications.
APE [CM] -- an efficient and versatile editor.
Blue -- an object-oriented programming language that was developed especially for teaching.
BX PRO [CM] -- a GUI builder for X/Motif developers.
CLIPS [CM] -- productive development and delivery expert system tool.
LDS Draw -- a Logical Data Structure (LDS) editor.
FlagShip [CM] -- a development tool for building business and data-oriented applications.
Mica -- a modern object-oriented 2D graphics library in Java.
NAGWare f77 Tools [CM] -- tools for processing/analysing/transforming Fortran 77 source code.
Overflow [GPL] -- a dataflow-oriented rapid development environment in C++.
PRO/5 [CM] -- business application development tools based on BBx BASIC language.
SmartGDB -- a modern debugger under development which is both scriptable and thread-aware.
SOS [CM] -- a source code management tool for hardware design engineers.

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