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SNiFF+ is the premier Source Code Engineering tool. SNiFF+ provides an integrated collection of source code analysis, browsing, navigation, comprehension, editing, build, and configuration management tools for C, C++, FORTRAN, Java, and CORBA IDL developers. With support for Windows and all major UNIX platforms, SNiFF+ enables developers in cross-platform and multi-language environments to utilize the same tool set and GUI.

SNiFF+ is the only SCE tool on the market that supports remote development across multiple platforms. Remote build and debug capabilities allow programmers in multiple-platform environments to develop on the platform of their choice ^V Windows NT, Windows 95 or any major UNIX platforms and SNiFF+ transparently compiles, debugs and executes commands on a remote UNIX machine. Cross-platform development lets developers take advantage of the price/performance of NT on the desktop, while maintaining their investments in UNIX applications.

Current Version:   4.0

License Type:   Commercial. SNiFF+ can be used in Personal mode without a license for projects up to 200 files and the example projects. To work with an unlimited number of files, an evaluation license is required. Get a free evaluation license at

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Source Code Availability:   No

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UNIX (SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, OSF, DEC Ultrix, IRIX, Sinix, Linux, SCO, Unixware, Reliant UNIX), Windows 95/98/NT.

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