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Items Added in August, 1997:

YARD-SQL [CM] -- relational database system for Unix including ESQLC, JDBC and ODBC.[1997/08/28]
VolVis -- a volume visualization system.[1997/08/28]
XANADU -- X-ray astronomical spectral, timing and imaging data analysis.[1997/08/28]
NetRexx -- a human-oriented programming language designed to be an alternative to Java.[1997/08/28]
x-symbol -- an Emacs semi WYSIWYG for LaTeX.[1997/08/28]
Linux Interface Project [GPL] -- aims to provide free and commercial grade widget set for X11. [1997/08/28]
PadDraw -- a zoomable drawing application written using the Pad++ widget. [1997/08/28]
TclMotif -- a Tcl binding to Motif.[1997/08/28]
Nuprl -- a mathematical proof development system.[1997/08/28]
RadCam [GPL] -- modelling of thermal radiation in an enclosure.[1997/08/25]
HylaFAX -- a facsimile system for UNIX systems.[1997/08/25]
GTK [GPL] -- a fast and efficient GUI toolkit.[1997/08/25]
MGv [GPL] -- a Motif based front end to GhostScript based on Ghostview 1.5.[1997/08/25]
Gwydion Dylan -- an implementation of a dynamic language strongly resembling the language Dylan.[1997/08/25]
sC++ [GPL] -- enhanced C++ with active objects and synchronization primitives.[1997/08/25]
POSES++ -- development and simulation of models.[1997/08/25]
EcoSim -- a C++ class library for modelling and simulation of ecological systems.[1997/08/25]
XFAX/SMS Gateway [CM] -- software for fax and sending text messages to mobile phones and pagers.[1997/08/25]
ZPA -- a cross-platform C++ GUI framework.[1997/08/25]
GNUstep [GPL] -- a free implementation of the OpenStep standard.[1997/08/25]
SNNAP -- simulator for neural networks and action potentials.[1997/08/25]
Wafe -- a programming environment for X toolkit based applications.[1997/08/25]
Pad++ -- general-purpose substrate for structured information based on a zoomable interfaces.[1997/08/25]
CEDRAT's Software [CM] -- a complete line of CAD programs for electromechanical and thermal engineering. [1997/08/25]
Xforms Calculator [GPL] -- a programmable scientific GUI calculator for X based on XForms. [1997/08/25]
TOOPS -- tool for object-oriented protocol simulation.[1997/08/18]
Mind's Eye [GPL] --- a project to develop a complete modeling/animation package.[1997/08/18]
EMC2 -- a WYSIWYG 2D finite elements mesh generator.[1997/08/18]
Godess -- a generic ordinary differential equations solving system.[1997/08/18]
OmniBasic [CM] -- a structured dialect of Basic with many extensions.[1997/08/18]
ThisForth -- a macro-oriented Forth based on Standard (ANS) Forth.[1997/08/18]
PFE [GPL] -- a programming environment for the programming language Forth.[1997/08/18]
ESO-MIDAS [GPL] -- tools for image processing and data reduction with emphasis on astronomical applications.[1997/08/18]
Parallaxis -- a structured data parallel programming language.[1997/08/18]
TCM -- a suite of graphical editors.[1997/08/18]
Elvis [GPL] --- a much improved vi editor with syntax highlighting.[1997/08/18]
PVS -- a specification language integrated with support tools and a theorem prover. [1997/08/18]
TOAD [GPL] -- a modern C++ toolkit for developing graphical user interfaces (GUI) for the X11. [1997/08/18]
Sather-K -- a modern object-oriented, imperative programming langauage.[1997/08/18]
TIDE -- a collection of C++ classes for differential equations.[1997/08/14]
XStab [GPL] -- a program for the analysis of plane rigid frames.[1997/08/14]
MexCDF -- allows MATLAB users to read, write, and manipulate NetCDF data files.[1997/08/14]
TeraSpell [CM] -- an user-friendly spell checker for Emacs.[1997/08/14]
MathWorks Software Library -- user-contributed and Mathworks-contributed m-files for Matlab.[1997/08/14]
Corel WordPerfect for UNIX -- a full-featured word processor.[1997/08/14]
DOC/DOT [CM] -- design optimization control software and design optimization tools.[1997/08/14]
RT++ [GPL] -- a software package that provides higher-order threads in C++.[1997/08/14]
TkTeX -- Tk-based interface to the UN*X tools related to TeX.[1997/08/14]
danalyser [GPL] -- a digital logic analyzer. [1997/08/14]
APE [CM][SR] -- an efficient and versatile editor.[1997/08/14]
SLICOT -- a general purpose basic control library.[1997/08/14]
MOCKA -- a Modula-2 compiler system.[1997/08/14]
WODA -- a web oriented database development system. [1997/08/14]
MtScript -- a multi-lingual text editor.[1997/08/11]
mpC -- a parallel language for distributed memory machines.[1997/08/11]
NeuronC -- a neural simulator language.[1997/08/11]
TOOLDIAG -- a collection of methods for statistical pattern recognition.[1997/08/11]
UFF/FD -- calculates continuous numerical descriptors from 2-dimensional curve patterns.[1997/08/11]
GSM [GPL] -- a set of programs for using Finite State Machines in a graphical fashion.[1997/08/06]
NJplot -- a tree drawing program for any binary tree expressed in the standard phylogenetic tree format.[1997/08/06]
Demeter -- an object-oriented software development method.[1997/08/06]
wxXt -- a C++ GUI toolkit derived from and source-code-compatible with wxWindows.[1997/08/06]
LDL [GPL] -- a language development laboratory.[1997/08/06]
ObjectManual -- extracts comments and relevant information from C++/C programs and generates HTML pages.[1997/08/06]
Software from Symbolic Computation Group -- for symbolic computation in physics.[1997/08/06]
ePerl [GPL] -- an embedded Perl 5 language.[1997/08/06]
Starlink Software Collection -- many data processing programs for astronomers.[1997/08/06]
SNOBOL4 -- a port of Macro SNOBOL4 for machines with 32-bit pointers.[1997/08/06]
MCF -- a network simplex implementation.[1997/08/04]
SoPlex -- a sequential object-oriented simplex class library.[1997/08/04]
Porta -- polyhedron representation transformation algorithm.[1997/08/04]
MOLPRO -- a complete system of ab initio programs for molecular electronic structure calculations.[1997/08/04]
PUZZLE -- reconstructs phylogenetic trees from molecular sequence data by maximum likelihood.[1997/08/04]
Host Factory [CM][GPL] -- a system to control the entire software contents of deployed Unix machines.[1997/08/04]
AD Model Builder [CM] -- rapid development of nonlinear statistical models.[1997/08/04]
SHAPES [CM] -- a tool that satisfies the geometry requirements of applications that span many industries.[1997/08/04]
RngPack [GPL] -- a pseudorandom number generator package for Java.[1997/08/04]
XStar [GPL] -- solves the n-body problem and displays the results on screen.[1997/08/04]
aCe -- a data-parallel computing environment designed to improve the adaptability of algorithms.[1997/08/04]

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