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The Xforms Calculator is a programmable scientific GUI calculator for X-based systems that have the Xforms GUI library. It has most things that one would expect from such a calculator, including the ability to handle hexadecimal, decimal, octal and binary numerical representation, degree, gradient and radian angle representation, a full suite of logarithmic and triganometrical functions (including hyperbolic functions), a full suite of bit-manipulation operations, and, of course standard arithmetic operations and functions. All standard operations and functions have keyboard shortcuts associated with them, and the current display value is Copy/Paste-able.

Two special features of the calculator are:

  • It is extensible. You can invoke external user-written functions as part of a computation.
  • There is a user-amendable menu of mathematical and physical constants (such as Pi and Avogadro's constant).
Comprehensive online usage and programming help is provided, as are sample external functions.

Current Version:   3.1.1

License Type:   GPL

Home Site: (xfrmcalc*)

Source Code Availability:


Available Binary Packages:

  • Debian Package: No
  • RedHat RPM Package: No
  • Other Packages: No

Targeted Platforms:

All Unix platforms that can run the Xforms GUI library

Software/Hardware Requirements:

For basic operation, the Xforms GUI library is needed. Available from Note that it is the TEST version that is currently required.
For extensibility, Perl is required, though the version does not matter.

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