SLICOT, a general purpose basic control library realised by WGS in cooperation with NAG, can primarily be viewed as a mathematical library for control theoretical computations}. The library provides tools to perform basic system analysis and synthesis tasks. The main emphasis in SLICOT is on numerical reliability of implemented algorithms and the numerical robustness and efficiency of routines. Special emphasis is put on providing maximal algorithmic flexibility to users, and on the use of rigorous implementation and documentation standards.

Recently, NAG and WGS have agreed to turn SLICOT into copyrighted freeware. This work will be executed gradually. First of all, all routines of the present release 2 of the SLICOT library will be made freely available and can be retrieved as compressed .tar files via the WGS FTP site. Secondly, an important collection of new routines will be added

The organization of the freeware SLICOT library is:

  • A : Analysis Routines
  • B : Benchmark and Test Problems
  • C : Adaptive Control
  • D : Data Analysis
  • F : Filtering
  • I : Identification
  • M : Mathematical routines
  • N : Nonlinear Systems
  • S : Synthesis Routines
  • T : Transformation Routines
  • U : Utility Routines

Current Version:   release 2

License Type:   Free

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  • RedHat RPM Package:   No
  • Other Packages:   No

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