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Items Added in July, 1997:

PLAN -- a programming language for active networks.[1997/07/29]
Blitz++ -- a C++ template class library for scientific computing.[1997/07/29]
mdb -- a Motif based database manager for a reasonable sized database.[1997/07/29]
SDPSOL -- a parser/solver for semidefinite programs with matrix structure.[1997/07/29]
MAGMA -- a system for algebra, number theory, geometry and combinatorics.[1997/07/29]
SDPpack -- a package for semidefinite-quadratic-linear programming.[1997/07/29]
CFDRC Software [CM] -- a complete CFD system with pre/post-processing capabilities.[1997/07/29]
GIFMerge -- merge single GIFs into an GIF89a animation.[1997/07/29]
OSAS [CM] -- a highly flexible, feature-rich accounting software.[1997/07/29]
Otools -- an object-oriented toolkit for writing X11 applications.[1997/07/28]
VGJ [GPL] -- a tool for graph drawing and graph layout written in Java.[1997/07/28]
Jylu -- ILU runtime kernel and Java Language binding. [1997/07/28]
HDFNOW -- a library that supports HDF for a network of workstations.[1997/07/28]
HORB -- a distributed language systems based on Java.[1997/07/28]
Counterpoint -- a set of software modules for use in writing parallel programs.[1997/07/28]
RATS [CM] -- a econometrics/time-series analysis software package.[1997/07/23]
Cubpack++ -- a C++ package for automatic two-dimensional cubature.[1997/07/23]
The Forth Scientific Library Project -- scientific source codes in Forth.[1997/07/23]
GRAPE -- a package for mathematical visualization.[1997/07/23]
Magnus -- a software to explore infinite groups and carry out experiments with them. [1997/07/23]
SIAG [GPL] -- a spreadsheet based on X and Scheme.[1997/07/23]
FOAM [GPL] -- computer algebra program for high energy physics.[1997/07/23]
SLFFEA [GPL] -- a complete FEM package with graphical user interfaces.[1997/07/23]
PRO/5 [CM] -- business application development tools based on BBx BASIC language.[1997/07/23]
SAML [GPL] -- a simple algebraic math library.[1997/07/23]
BISS AWT [GPL] -- a Java framework for building graphical applications.[1997/07/23]
GUI Guru [GPL] -- a tool for Java GUI applications development.[1997/07/23]
CLAIRE -- a high-level functional and object-oriented language with advanced rule processing capabilities.[1997/07/21]
NeuroGraph [CM] -- an integrated developing environment for artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic.[1997/07/21]
Cxref [GPL] -- a C source code cross referencing and documenting program for UNIX.[1997/07/21]
TargetJr -- an extensive image understanding framework.[1997/07/21]
Drawing editors based on ivtools -- extensions to InterViews and its drawing editor (idraw).[1997/07/21]
ivmaps and map viewers -- map viewers based on a C++ application framework.[1997/07/21]
ICAADS CAD Systems [CM] -- a set of high-end software for CAD and AEC applications.[1997/07/21]
Bartels Autorouter [CM] -- electronic circuit capture and printed circuit board layout.[1997/07/21]
Bartels AutoEngineer[CM] -- a complete family of EDA programs.[1997/07/21]
gbeta [GPL] -- a new implementation of a generalization of BETA language.[1997/07/15]
SIMPRO -- a full powder pattern fitting program.[1997/07/15]
SIMREF -- program for simultaneous Rietveld refinement with multible powder datasets.[1997/07/15]
SMEED -- a maximum entropy program used in crystallography.[1997/07/15]
PLAM -- an algebraic modelling system written in Prolog.[1997/07/15]
SANE [GPL] -- provides standardized access to any raster image scanner hardware.[1997/07/14]
3Dom -- a 3D object modeler designed to create scenes for rendering programs.[1997/07/14]
Cooledit [GPL] -- a full-featured X window text editor.[1997/07/14]
VIS -- a system for verification and synthesis.[7/13/97]
ACUCOBOL-GT [CM] -- GUI-enhanced COBOL applications developing system.[1997/07/11]
Blue -- an object-oriented programming language that was developed especially for teaching.[1997/07/11]
Exuberant Ctags [GPL] -- generates an index file of C language for use in other tools.[1997/07/11]
Embedded Empress RDBMS [CM] -- internet-ready development toolkit for embedded systems.[1997/07/11]
Empress DataWEB [CM] -- dynamic,interactive Web-based applications development.[1997/07/11]
DCSE -- a multiple alignment editor for protein, DNA or RNA alignments.[1997/07/11]
RdLength -- calculates the Radiation Length of a single molecule based on its empirical formula.[1997/07/11]
Dervish -- toolkit for assembling the data reduction pipelines and the host software for the SDSS.[1997/07/11]
PROCHECK -- programs to check the stereochemical quality of protein structures.[1997/07/11]
Splay -- a player which can play MPEG layer 1,2,3 and Wave file for Linux.[1997/07/11]
POLIS -- a framework for hardware-software co-design of embedded systems.[1997/07/11]
SIS -- an interactive tool for synthesis and optimization of sequential circuits.[1997/07/11]
Espresso -- a program which performs logic simplification.[1997/07/11]
TRUMPET -- triangular unstructured mesh generator by point insertion.[1997/07/07]
DRAWxtl -- display crystal structures in VRML or POV-RAY raytracer.[1997/07/07]
Axis -- a 3D network accessible rendering engine, useful for building shared virtual environments.[1997/07/07]
WipeOut -- an integrated development environment for C++ and Java.[1997/07/07]
MPSQL -- an SQL GUI client for PostgreSQL.[1997/07/07]
VGI [GPL] -- a set of tools which extracts VHDL from blockdiagrams and state machines.[1997/07/07]
esep [GPL] -- a parallel evolution scheduler based on genetic algorithms and evolutionary programming.[1997/07/03]
Screamer -- an extension of Common Lisp with nondeterministic programming.[1997/07/03]
MODULEF -- a Fortran 77 library for finite element methods.[1997/07/03]
Hdrug [GPL] -- a graphical user environment for natural language processing in Prolog.[1997/07/03]
FSA [GPL] -- a number of utilities to manipulate finite state automata, written in SICStus Prolog.[1997/07/03]
GBB/NetGBB [CM] -- an object-oriented application developing environment.[1997/07/03]
chi90s -- searches through a CAD4 data file to find reflections which are suitable to use as psi scan reflections.[1997/07/01]
SHELX -- a set of programs for crystal structure determination from single-crystal diffraction data.[1997/07/01]
XPMA/ZORTEP -- mouse and menu driven programs for graphical viewing of structures and the hardcopy output of ORTEP plots.[1997/07/01]
Thermo-Calc -- a software package for thermodynamics equilibrium and phase diagram calculations.[1997/07/01]
LASSAP -- an extensible, high performance , parallel sequence comparison software.[1997/07/01]
Molden -- a pre- and post processing program of molecular and electronic structure.[1997/07/01]
Gaussian [CM] -- an electronic structure program for chemists.[1997/07/01]
MidasPlus [CM] -- an advanced molecular display and simulation system.[1997/07/01]
Cn3D -- a molecular structure viewer that is based on the Entrez data model.[1997/07/01]
HMMER [GPL] -- large-scale genome analysis using probabilistic models of proteins and RNAs.[1997/07/01]
ChemSymphony [CM] -- a platform-independent set of interactive Java applets that allows 3-D molecular structures for use in WWW.[1997/07/01]
CSDP -- a library for semidefinite programming.[1997/07/01]
SDPA -- software for semidefinite programming algorithm.[1997/07/01]

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