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Many tools and utilities listed here can be integrated with user programs as well as used as standalone problem solving systems. Some ambitious projects cover a very broad spectrum of problems. Although the degree of openness and integration vary, they will serve you well if you survey all of them before you make your selection.
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Adlib -- a C++ library implementing distributed array descriptor.
ARCH -- object-oriented library of tools for parallel programming.
Autopilot -- an infrastructure for real-time adaptive control of distributed computing resources.
Aztec -- parallel iterative library for solving linear systems.
AutoMap/AutoLink -- a tool to simplify the creation of MPI data-types and to transfer dynamic data-types.
BERT 77 [CM] -- an automatic and optimizing parallelizer for FORTRAN 77.
BIP -- small API for Myrinet network to achieve high performance communication.
BLACS -- a message-passing library designed for linear algebra and are the message-passing protocol used within ScaLAPACK.
BlockSolve95 -- efficient solution of large, sparse linear systems on massively parallel computers.
Cactus -- a modular, parallel, open source framework for solving systems of PDE's.
Calypso -- resource management in metacomputing environments for reliable computing.
Clusterspace [CM] -- Java system to develop high-performance parallel applications.
Clustor -- an environment to build distributed compute intensive applications.
DEEP [CM] -- parallel programming environment with program analysis, profiling, debugging.
DIB [GPL] -- a distributed implementation of backtracking.
Distrolib [GPL] -- a library for helping the creation of distributed programs.
Distributed Parallelization at CWP -- some parallel codes for seismic processing.
Dome -- distributed object migration environment.
DPMTA -- distributed parallel multipole tree algorithms.
DOUG -- a black box parallel iterative solver for finite element systems arising from elliptic PDE.
Globus -- software tools/services necessary to build a computational grid infrastructure.
GLU -- a toolkit that facilitates rapid development of parallel applications.
HDFNOW -- a library that supports HDF for a network of workstations.
Hoard [GPL] -- a scalable and efficient allocator for shared-memory multiprocessors.
HPVM -- communication layers, resource management, and Java-based front end for cluster access.
JOSTLE -- package designed to partition unstructed meshes.
jPVM -- an interface to allow Java applications to use the PVM.
KAP/Pro Toolset [CM] -- complete OpenMP implementation with tools to add threading to existing software.
KeLP -- library for portable scientific applications on distributed memory computers.
LPARX -- library for portable scientific applications on distributed memory computers.
NetSolve -- a client-server application that enables users to solve complex scientific problem remotely.
Pablo -- performance analysis and optimization of parallel and distributed systems.
Multiblock PARTI -- runtime library for parallelizing multiple structured grid.
MOSIX [GPL] -- a kernel enhancements for supporting cluster computing.
MP_SOLVE -- parallel sparse irregular system solvers.
MVD -- a monitoring/visualization/debugging toolkit for uC++.
The NAG Parallel Library [CM] -- numerical parallel library on MPI or PVM.
PADE -- flexible, customizable environment for developing parallel applications.
Paralib -- library of MIMD parallel software.
ParMETIS -- unstructured graph partitioning and sparse matrix ordering system in parallel.
PARPACK -- parallel version of ARPACK which solves large scale eigenvalue problems.
ParPRE -- library of parallel preconditioners for iterative solutions for linear equations.
ParSODES -- parallel integrator for stiff initial value problem.
PAWS -- software infrastructure for connecting separate parallel applications within a component-like model.
PBLAS -- parallel basic linear algebra subprograms.
PETSc -- portable, extensible toolkit for scientific computation.
PGAPack -- parallel genetic algorithm library.
PIM -- collection of Fortran 77 routines designed to solve systems of linear equations.
PINEAPL -- parallel industrial nmerical applications and portable libraries.
PIOUS [GPL] -- a complete Parallel I/O System for the PVM 3 distributed computing environment.
PLAPACK -- parallel linear algebra package.
PLinda -- provides a combination of checkpointing and transaction support during parallel programming.
POOMA -- an object-oriented framework of high-performance parallel applications.
PPBB Library -- parallelize sequential Branch-and-Bound algorithms for several architectures.
PPGP -- parallel partitioner for unstructured grids and random particles.
PSIDE -- parallel software for implicit differential equations.
PSPARSLIB -- solving large sparse linear systems on the distributed-memory computers.
NEW P-Suite [GPL] -- collection of scientific programs that run in parallel using MPI.
PVODE/KINSOL/IDA -- parallel software for differential and algebraic systems.
ScaLAPACK -- portable linear algebra library on parallel computers.
Shadows -- a distributed programming paradigm and a class library for C++.
SmartGDB -- a modern debugger under development which is both scriptable and thread-aware.
SMT -- tool for portable high-performance multithreaded programs based on Libero.
SPRNG -- scalable parallel random number generators library.
Statnet [GPL] -- a program to gather and show information about a network.
TAU -- tuning and analysis utilities for parallel applications.
TotalView [CM] -- a full-featured, source-level, graphical, and multiprocess debugger.
UfMulti -- a distributed data analysis toolkit.
Vampir [CM] -- visualization and analysis of MPI programs.

Also Check Out:
A++/P++ -- a C++ array class for structured grid computations (serial and parallel).
Card3D -- inviscid aerodynamic analysis with surface modeling, mesh generation and flow simulations.
DAGH -- data-management infrastructure for parallel adaptive mesh refinement techniques.
DrawP3D -- a scientific visualization subroutine library with parallel operation via PVM.
GALOPPS -- a genetic algorithm optimized for portability and parallelism system.
NWChem -- high performance computational chemistry software.
PadFEM -- an OO environment for parallel adaptive finite element simulations.
POLKA -- a system for building animations of programs, algorithms and (parallel) computations.
QCDMPI -- pure QCD Monte Carlo simulation with MPI.
VFleet -- a volume renderer which can run either locally or in a distributed mode.

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