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ScaLAPACK (or Scalable LAPACK) is a collection of software for performing dense and band linear algebra computations on distributed-memory parallel computers, networks of computers, and any system for which MPI or PVM is available.

Like LAPACK, the ScaLAPACK routines are based on block-partitioned algorithms in order to minimize the frequency of data movement between different levels of the memory hierarchy. The fundamental building blocks of the ScaLAPACK library are distributed-memory versions of the Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 BLAS, called the Parallel Subprograms (BLACS) for communication tasks that arise frequently in parallel linear algebra computations. In the ScaLAPACK routines, the majority of interprocessor communication occurs within the PBLAS, so the source code of the top software layer of ScaLAPACK looks similar to that of LAPACK.

ScaLAPACK, version 1.5, includes routines for the solution of dense, band, and tridiagonal linear systems of equations, condition estimation and iterative refinement, for LU and Cholesky factorization, matrix inversion, full-rank linear least squares problems, orthogonal and generalized orthogonal factorizations, orthogonal transformation routines, reductions to upper Hessenberg, bidiagonal and tridiagonal form, reduction of a symmetric-definite/ Hermitian-definite generalized eigenproblem to standard form, the symmetric/Hermitian, generalized symmetric/Hermitian, the nonsymmetric eigenproblem, and the singular value decomposition. Prototype codes are provided for an HPF interface to a subset of ScaLAPACK routines, out-of-core linear solvers for LU, Cholesky, and QR, the matrix sign function for eigenproblems, and SuperLU.

ScaLAPACK has been incorporated into several commercial packages, including the NAG Parallel Library, IBM Parallel ESSL, and Cray LIBSCI, and is being integrated into the VNI IMSL Numerical Library, as well as software libraries for Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard/Convex, Hitachi, and NEC.

Current Version:   1.5

License Type:   Free

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ScaLAPACK is portable across a wide range of architectures such as the Cray T3E, IBM SP2, Intel Paragon, SGI Power Challenge, TM CM-5, networks of computers, and any system for which MPI or PVM is available.

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