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PLAPACK (Parallel Linear Algebra Package) infrastructure attempts to overcome the complexity of parallel implementation by providing a coding interface that mirrors the natural description of sequential dense linear algebra algorithms. To achieve this, we have adopted an ``object based'' approach to programming. This object based approach has already been popularized for high performance parallel computing by libraries like the Toolbox being developed at Mississippi State University, the PETSc library at Argonne National Laboratory [2], and the Message-Passing Interface.

PLAPACK provides three features not currently found in other publically available parallel dense linear algebra libraries:

  • A matrix distribution that is a step towards one that is driven by the natural distribution of an application,
  • An application interface for filling and querying matrices and vectors,
  • A programming interface that allows the code to be written in a way that closely resembles the way algorithms are naturally explained, using object based (MPI-like) programming.

Current Version:   1.0

License Type:   Free

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Source Code Availability:

Yes (available upon request)

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There are precompiled binaries for Cray T3D, Linux, IBM SP2, SGI Power Challenge, HP/Convex.

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