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DOUG is a black box parallel iterative solver for finite element systems arising from elliptic partial differential equations. Used in conjunction with a finite element discretisation code, DOUG will solve the resulting linear systems using an iterative method and provides a range of powerful domain decomposition preconditioners.

The code is designed to run effectively in parallel on virtually any machine that supports MPI. The matrix-vector operations arising in the iterative method are parallelised using graph partitioning software and additive Schwarz preconditioners can be automatically constructed by DOUG using only minimal input. In this first release a full additive Schwarz preconditioner with automatically generated coarse grid is provided in 2D only. A version without the coarse grid is available in 3D.

DOUG makes no assumptions whatsoever about the finite element mesh that the problem arises from; it may be as unstructured as necessary and only the basic output from the mesh generator and the finite element discretisation are required as inputs to DOUG. The preconditioner can then be used within a range of iterative methods. Currently CG and BiCGSTAB are implemented, other methods of this type can be added.

Current Version:   1.95

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SGI, SUN, SUN Solaris, IBM SP/2 and Intel i860. It may well work on other systems. A Linux version is under development.

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