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Shadows is a distributed programming paradigm and a class library which supports that paradigm for C++. The paradigm is one of potentially mobile objects which may belong to large-scale, long-lasting, independent but potentially interacting, applications. Shadows has been designed without any reliance upon centralised services on the principle that only those parts of a system which have chosed to be involved in some interaction should suffer the costs.

The use of Shadows enables the creation of distributed C++ applications, and for existing non-distributed C++ applications to be made distributed, with the minimum of programming effort. Shadows also manages many of the related issues of distribution. For example, a flexible naming and lightweight location system are provided as is distributed garbage collection. Multi-level caching hierarchies may be created for improved performance, with cache consistency requirements specified on a per object basis if required.

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Tested on Helios, Solaris, SunOS, Linux/g++

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