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BIP (stands for Basic Interface for Parallelism) is a small API that we designed, and implemented on the Myrinet network. It delivers to the application the maximal performance achievable by the hardware.

BIP messages is implemented for cluster of x86/Linux workstations, linked by Myrinet boards with the LANAI4.1 processor. The implementation consists of a user-level library associated with a custom MCP that will run on the Myrinet board.

One of the primary feature of BIP is a strong commitment to performance, we are achieving it by first eliminating system calls, doing the implementation at the user-level. Then we use a zero-copy protocol. Finally we tried to exploit all the potential of the hardware,for instance managing simultaneously DMA between LANAI SRAM and the wire, and DMA between main memory and LANAI SRAM.

The distribution also includes MPI-BIP, which is a port of MPICH over Myrinet network using BIP messages, and IP-BIP, which is internet protocol stack on top of BIP.

Current Version:   0.93

License Type:   Free binary, limited access to source

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Not in general

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  • Debian Package: No
  • RedHat RPM Package: No
  • Other Packages: Yes

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