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Miscellaneous Software   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

Sciences of Earth/Environmental/Ocean:
AME -- simulation models tool in ecology, forestry, agriculture and environmental science.
CICE -- sea ice component for global climate modeling.
CWP/SU -- instant (exploration) seismic research and processing environment.
Ecolab -- a system that implements an abstract ecology model
Elastic-Viscous-Plastic Sea Ice Dynamics Model -- Fortran 77 software for a sea ice dynamics model.
Geodetic Toolbox -- a matlab toolbox for geodetics.
Grany [GPL] -- the cellular automation simulator.
JStrack -- a hurricane tracking program.
Mooring Design and Dynamics -- design/evaluation of single point oceanographic moorings and mooring data.
OASES -- ocean acoustics and sesmic exploration synthesis.
PASSCAL -- program for the array seismic studies of the continental lithosphere.
NEW PHREEQC -- speciation, batch-reaction, 1D transport, and inverse geochemical calculations.
POP -- ocean modeling and calculation software with massive parallel computing.
NEW PUMA -- a simple Global Circulation Model in FORTRAN-90.
RiverTools [CM] -- help hydrologists view and process digital elevation model (DEM) data.
SAC -- general purpose interactive seismic analysis program.
SEA -- 3D finite difference parallel code for ocean general circulation model.
SEA-MAT -- a collection of Matlab tools for oceanographic community.
SEW -- analysis tool for describing real-time computing system.
NEW SME [GPL] -- ingetrated environment for high performance spatial modeling.
SPARTA -- a real-time package modeling deformable objects, collisions, friction, etc.
SPEM -- a finite difference ocean circulation model and code.
Strata [GPL] -- a geology package for ocean basin modelling and display.
SUPERSNAP -- a software for normal mode propagation model.
NEW WIIS [CM] -- weather image information system.
Water Resources Applications Software -- a software repository for the area of water resources.
XTide [GPL] -- a tide clock and tide prediction program.

EcoSim -- a C++ class library for modelling and simulation of ecological systems.
GEMPACK [CM] -- economic modelling software especially for general and partial equilibrium models.
LIMDEP [CM] -- a complete package for estimating and analyzing econometric models.
RATS [CM] -- a econometrics/time-series analysis software package.

Mechanics/Dynamic System:
ACPLT/KS -- communication system for process control and process control engineering.
AUTOLEV [CM] -- a symbol manipulation program for analyzing the dynamics of mechanical systems.
Continuous Beam Solver -- solves the continuous beam problems and draw various diagrams.
DynaMechs [GPL] -- a multibody dynamic simulation library.
Gnans [GPL] -- a program/language for numerical study of deterministic/stochastic dynamical systems.
NEW Gravitational Particle Simulator[GPL] -- simulation of gravitational laws of motion.
I_COLLIDE -- an interactive and exact collision detection library.
INCT -- induced norm control toolbox.
Java Corner -- Java codes for truss/frame analyse and 3D OFF object visualization.
IDARC2D [CM] -- inelastic dynamic (damage) analysis for frame structures.
Mechanical Systems [CM] -- a Mathematica application for motion analysis of rigid body systems.
Potential Flow Applet -- a Java applet to experiment the potential flow.
XStab [GPL] -- a program for the analysis of plane rigid frames.

Unit Conversion:
AUC [SR] -- on screen unit convert calculator with easy interface.
Convert -- a friendly unit conversion software.
Temperature Converter for Perl/Tk [GPL]
UC [SR] -- a unit calculator with easy to use interface.
UDUNITS -- a library for manipulating units of physical quantities.
UnitCalc -- a calculator which does all arithmetic with the numbers and the units.
units [GPL] -- a flexible program for units conversion.
Unlimited Simulator [GPL] -- help create whatever simulation from games to scientific applications.

Acme -- a simple, generic software architecture description language and tool.
ACPLT/KS -- a platform-independent communication system for data processing.
APSCU [SR] -- a simple scale conversion utility for the average scale modeler.
NEW Biome [GPL] -- a C++ library aimed at individual/agent-based simulations.
C.A.MAN -- analyse mixtures of densities from the exponential family.
NEW cnet -- a network simulator to experiment with data-link/network/routing/transport layers.
Delve -- data for evaluating learning in valid experiments.
DICTRA [CM] -- simulation of diffusion controlled transformations in multicomponent systems.
Gambit -- a library of game theory software written in C++.
GloMoSim -- scalable simulation environment for wireless and wired network systems.
GREEDY -- a classification program that classifies d-dimensional data set.
NEW Gnutrition [GPL] -- nutritional analysis software for GNOME.
GSM [GPL] -- a set of programs for using Finite State Machines in a graphical fashion.
HLA RTI -- implementation of an architecture for simulation reuse and interoperability.
HyTech -- an automatic tool for the analysis of embedded systems.
Jade [GPL] -- implementation of multi-agent systems through a FIPA-compliant middleware.
LAMDI -- Linux anesthesia modular devices interface.
Materials Algorithms Project Library -- FORTRAN library for materials modelling.
Metamorph [CM] -- a realtime concept based search package.
MG [GPL] -- a full-text retrieval system.
ModSAF [CM] -- provides the capability to create and control entities on a simulated battlefield.
MUMPS -- an interpreter for medical informatics distribution on web.
Nut [GPL] -- record and analyze meals according to the USDA Nutrient database.
OMNeT++ -- an object-oriented modular discrete event simulator.
OOPM -- multimodeling object-oriented simulation environment.
Pad++ -- general-purpose substrate for structured information based on a zoomable interfaces.
Process Scheduler Simulator [CM] -- graphical simulator of different processor scheduling policies.
PROCHEM-C [CM] -- system for design, construction, maintenance, operation and control of plants.
NEW pRTI [CM] -- connect different simulation systems according to HLA.
RadCam [GPL] -- modelling of thermal radiation in an enclosure.
RAPID -- a robust and accurate polygon interference detection library.
Rapide -- component-based development of large, multi-language systems.
ROBOOP [GPL] -- a C++ object oriented toolbox for robotics simulation.
SCL -- C++ class libraries for representing information conforming to EXPRESS data specification.
SIMNET II -- a powerfull discrete event simulation language.
SimPack -- a collection of C++ tools (routines and programs) for computer simulation.
SIMEX -- C++ classes for building discrete-even micropopulation models.
SimSimSim [GPL] -- help write simulation-like programs, by taking care of issues of display, 3D rendering, control.
SMV -- checking finite state systems against specifications in temporal logic CTL.
NEW SNI -- tools for interacting and exchanging data between different simulation programs.
SURV [GPL] -- calculates the Kaplan-Meier estimate and performs a Log-Rank test to compare survival of groups of patients defined by ordinal variables.
TELPACK -- a teletraffic analysis software.
Thermforming J_tf202/J_tf505 [CM] -- software for plastic sheet forming by heating.
Virtual Optical Table [GPL] -- a tabletop to experiment lenses, curved mirrors, prisms, and lasers.
VOV [CM] -- design flow management of computer aided design of complex system.
Webots -- an open mobile robots simulator.
ZMech [SR] -- an interative state machine development tool.

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