ModSAF Kit C

Modular Semi-Automated Forces (ModSAF) KIT C (Developer's Kit) provides the capability to create and control entities on a simulated battlefield. The goal of ModSAF is to replicate the outward behavior of simulated units and their component vehicles and weapon systems to a level of realism sufficient for training and combat development.

Current Version:   3.0

License Type:   Commercial, Distribution authorized to the Department of Defense and U.S. DoD contractors only.

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:   No

Available Binary Packages:

  • Debian Package:   No
  • RedHat RPM Package:   No
  • Other Packages:   ??

Targeted Platforms:

DEC Alpha AXP, SGI, SUN, HP, Linux/Intel

Software/Hardware Requirements:

256MB swap sapce suggessted

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