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Items Added in March/April, 1998:

SampLin [GPL] -- a scientific data acquisition and visualization software.[1998/04/30]
InterBase -- an RDBMS with ease of operation and sophisticated features.[1998/04/30]
SEALS -- a system for easy analysis of lots of sequences.[1998/04/30]
Quickplot [GPL] -- a fast interactive 2-D plotter for large or small data files.[1998/04/30]
EPP -- an extensible Java source-to-source pre-processor.[1998/04/30]
Ovrimos [CM] -- a multiuser, relational DBMS with ODBC and JDBC options.[1998/04/30]
Apprentice -- an OpenInventor 2.x pure C++ emulation library for .iv and .wrl files.[1998/04/30]
MPC -- a multi-precision text-based SOA calculator.[1998/04/30]
Berkeley Database -- a programmatic toolkit for both traditional and client/server applications.[1998/04/30]
SQLflex [CM] -- powerful full featured client/server SAL.[1998/04/30]
Infoflex-4GL [CM] -- a powerful 4GL language, syntactically similar to Informix.[1998/04/30]
WingDis [CM] -- a Java decompiler.[1998/04/30]
WingEditor [CM] -- a simple Java Development Environment implemented in Java.[1998/04/30]
KIllustrator [GPL] -- a vector-based drawing application for KDE.[1998/04/30]
xwpe [GPL] -- a window programming environment designed for use on UNIX.[1998/04/30]
Crystal Space [GPL] -- a 6DOF engine portal based engine.[1998/04/30]
iScript -- a platform independent scripting language written entirely in Java.[1998/04/30]
idl2mat -- enable communication from IDL to Matlab.[1998/04/22]
FREEdraft [GPL] -- a simple 2D mechanical cad system. [1998/04/22]
C_BLAS 123 [CM] -- Pentium optimized BLAS implimentation for C.[1998/04/22]
C_EisPack [CM] -- full implementation of EISPACK optimized for C/C++.[1998/04/22]
DSP/Veclib [CM] -- Pentium optimized digital signal processing library.[1998/04/22]
VariCAD [CM] -- a mechanical engineering CAD system.[1998/04/22]
ICM [CM] -- molecular modeling; molecular visualization and animation; flexible protein-ligand and protein-protein docking; bioinformatics; math/stat/graph.[1998/04/22]
ICMLite -- a great new free molecular graphics program.[1998/04/22]
KDOC [GPL] -- generates class documentation for C++ programs, in HTML/LaTeX/man pages.[1998/04/22]
Undertow [CM] -- a powerful wave form display program for viewing digital and analog simulation.[1998/04/22]
Software for Flexible Bayesian Modeling -- based on neural networks and Gaussian processes.[1998/04/22]
JavaScript Backpropagation Neural Network Simulator [1998/04/22]
Function Plotter -- Java applet for polar and cartesian plots for math function.[1998/04/22]
iMIPS [CM] -- multimodality image registration with 2/3D fusion visualization tools. [1998/04/20]
Histo-Scope/NPlot -- tools to select and display histograms, ntuples, and scalar variables.[1998/04/20]
COSMICS -- computing transfer functions and microwave background anisotropy for cosmological models.[1998/04/20]
DT_NURBS -- a non-unofirm rational B-spline geometry subroutine library.[1998/04/20]
Continuous Beam Solver -- solves the continuous beam problems and draw various diagrams.[1998/04/20]
chart [GPL] -- simple, non-interactive program for drawing data charts.[1998/04/20]
TowerJ [CM] -- a high performance compiler for server-side Java.[1998/04/20]
Green Mountain VHDL [CM] -- VHDL'93 compiler/simulator with powerful editors.[1998/04/20]
Tiffy View Java Edition [CM] -- view and print images for various format.[1998/04/20]
frame_integrate -- programs for viewing/integrating 2D x-ray or neutron diffraction images.[1998/04/15]
ASCEND [GPL] -- an OO mathematical modeling environment and a mathematical modeling language.[1998/04/15]
ZPL -- a portable, high performance parallel programming language for computations.[1998/04/15]
polyr -- a program to make polygons from a volume.[1998/04/15]
gEDA [GPL] -- GNU electronic design automation software.[1998/04/15]
Shaman [GPL] -- a library that provides an environment for some common C programming tasks.[1998/04/15]
JSci -- a science API for Java.[1998/04/15]
Elementary Statistical Java Applets and Tools [1998/04/15]
lundin.SymbolicMath -- Java class library for symbolic differentiation and evaluation.[1998/04/15]
JUMP -- Java class library for unlimited precision computations.[1998/04/15]
mpTOOLS -- an open source text editor written in Java.[1998/04/15]
Jipe -- Java integrated programming environment.[1998/04/15]
EMSL Publisher -- a Java based word processor and presentation tool.[1998/04/15]
Ooura's Mathematical Software Packages -- various numerical C/Fortran code.[1998/04/15]
IMSL Math/Stat Libraries [CM] -- more than 900 FORTRAN numerical subroutines.[1998/04/08]
AFNI -- software for analysis of functional neuroimages.[1998/04/08]
SPM -- statistical parametric mapping software.[1998/04/08]
Histo-Scope Plotting Widget Set -- six Motif widgets for graphing and plotting.[1998/04/08]
Blender -- 3D design and animation software..[1998/04/08]
Genplot [CM] -- powerful and flexible plotting package for scientific/engineering data.[1998/04/08]
Freedom*Of*Choice*CAD [CM] -- AutoCAD like Computer Aided design tool.[1998/04/08]
OMNeT++ -- an object-oriented modular discrete event simulator.[1998/04/08]
TextSurgeon [CM] -- programmers workbench for UNIX C/C++ software developers.[1998/04/08]
Template Numerical Toolkit (TNT) -- a numeric library for scientific omputing in C++ (mainly linear algebra routines).[1998/04/08]
TYA [GPL] -- a JIT-compiler for Linux JDK.[1998/04/08]
ANALYZE [CM] -- multimodality, multidimensional biomedical imaging/visualization.[1998/04/08]
Pointer [CM] -- optimization software which solves difficult nonlinear problems.[1998/04/02]
The NAG Parallel Library [CM] -- numerical parallel library on MPI or PVM.[1998/04/02]
VisAD -- a Java class library for visualization/analysis of numerical data.[1998/04/02]
Japhar [GPL] -- Hungry Programmer's Java VM.[1998/04/02]
SmartGDB -- a modern debugger under development which is both scriptable and thread-aware.[1998/04/02]
jsplot -- an interactive drawing and charting tool.[1998/04/02]
ALEX -- an image processor for Scanning Force Microscopy images, based on Matlab.[1998/04/02]
MolScript -- a program for displaying molecular 3D structures.[1998/04/02]
PINEAPL -- parallel industrial nmerical applications and portable libraries.[1998/04/02]
n-parallel PROLOG [CM] -- parallel implementation of the PROLOG.[1998/04/02]
BERT 77 [CM] -- an automatic and optimizing parallelizer for FORTRAN 77.[1998/04/02]
Optimized Libraries for Pentium Pro -- BLAS, FFT, Extended Precision Library, and monitoring utilities.[1998/03/30]
ImageGear [CM] -- an award-winning imaging toolkit.[1998/03/30]
KLyX [GPL] -- the KDE document processor based on LyX.[1998/03/30]
COBF -- manipulates C/C++ source in a way that they aren't readable by human beings.[1998/03/30]
HXmImageView [CM] -- Motif widget to display raster images.[1998/03/30]
FEMSET -- a library of FEM routines.[1998/03/30]
sc -- a simple spreadsheet calculator on console.[1998/03/23]
Carafe -- an inductive fault analysis tool for CMOS VLSI circuits.[1998/03/23]
Zen -- a full featured BASIC interpreter.[1998/03/23]
StructureBuilder [CM] -- a Java component/application building tool.[1998/03/23]
Texis [CM] -- a fully integrated RDBMS that manages information regardless of data source.[1998/03/23]
Metamorph [CM] -- a realtime concept based search package.[1998/03/23]
Ssystem [GPL] -- an OpenGL solar system simulator.[1998/03/17]
Spock -- a full-featured molecular graphics program.[1998/03/17]
VIEW3DS -- a 3D Studio file converter.[1998/03/17]
Pryan [GPL] -- an OpenInventor-like toolkit.[1998/03/17]
VLE -- a virtual reality toolkit.[1998/03/17] -- a Tcl/Tk library providing KDE look and feel.[1998/03/17]
Genius Calculator [GPL] -- an arbitrary precision calculator for Gnome project.[1998/03/17]
ElectricEyes [GPL] -- a lightweight GTK/GNOME-based image viewer.[1998/03/17]
Imlib [GPL] -- an advanced replacement library for libraries like libXpm.[1998/03/17]
gEdit [GPL] -- a text editor that is being written with the GTK+ library.[1998/03/17]
GLUe [GPL] -- intended to be a WYSIWYG, object-oriented, extensible page-layout application.[1998/03/17]
KPresenter [GPL] -- the presentation application of KOffice, the office package of KDE.[1998/03/17]
Mandel Ultimativ -- multi fractal program for the KDE project.[1998/03/17]
Yalsim -- a hierarchical timing and logic simulator.[1998/03/17]
GRUMMP -- generation and refinement of unstructured mixed-element meshes in parallel.[1998/03/11]
Wise2 [GPL] -- comparing DNA sequences at the level of its conceptual translation.[1998/03/11]
Dynamite [GPL] -- a code generating language developed for sequence comparison methods.[1998/03/11]
Acedb -- a genome database system.[1998/03/11]
Angler -- a browser application for exploring C.elegans embryo development data in time and space.[1998/03/11]
LinAlg -- basic linear algebra and optimization C++ classlib.[1998/03/11]
Radix-2 FFT -- radix-2 DFT of a sequence, or Fourier integral of an evenly tabulated function. [1998/03/11]
Grayscale Image Processing -- a C++ class library to do many things with grayscale images.[1998/03/11]
EPO [SR] -- a universal parameter optimization program based on an evolutionary algorithm.[1998/03/11]
MpegTV [CM][SR] -- realtime player with audio/sync.[1998/03/11]
XploRe -- an interactive statistical computing environment.[1998/03/11]
Water Resources Applications Software -- a software repository for the area of water resources.[1998/03/11]
Numerical Integration -- collection of FORTRAN code for numerical computation of integrals.[1998/03/11]
Jaguar [CM] -- an extremely fast ab initio electronic structure software package.[1998/03/11]
ccmalloc -- memory profiling and malloc debugging library for C/C++.[1998/03/11]
ProvideX [CM] -- an object-oriented, business basic development environment.[1998/03/04]
Maxwell [GPL] -- a fully featured word processor for Linux.[1998/03/04]
Evolvuton and Other Software -- C++ software components for evolutionary computation and others. [1998/03/04]
Simplicity Professional [CM] -- a rapid application development tool for Java applications.
BALSAC [CM] -- build and analyze lattices, surfaces, and clusters.[1998/03/04]
CLASP -- a tool for visualizing and statistically analyzing data.[1998/03/04]
jBASE -- a Pick/D3 like database.[1998/03/02]
Sqsh -- a replacement for 'isql' program supplied by Sybase.[1998/03/02]
KFourier [GPL] -- uses the Fourier transform to use multiple filters on an image.[1998/03/02]
Libretto [GPL] -- a library of easy-to-use generic container types for C.[1998/03/02]
Xgfe [GPL] -- a GUI front end to the Gnuplot plotting package written with Qt library.[1998/03/02]
EiC -- an extensible interactive, pointer-safe, bytecode C interpreter/compiler.[1998/03/02]
Spinne -- a program to check 2D representations of high-dimensional data.[1998/03/02]
TenDRA -- a public domain C/C++ compiler and checker technology.[1998/03/02]
Q-Chem [CM] -- an ab initio quantum chemistry software product.[1998/03/02]
POLYRATE -- calculation of chemical reaction rates of polyatomic species. [1998/03/02]

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