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The spreadsheet calculator sc is based on rectangular tables, much like a financial spreadsheet. When invoked it presents you with a table organized as rows and columns of cells. Each cell may have associated with it a numeric value, a label string, and/or an expression (formula) which evaluates to a numeric value or label string, often based on other cell values. To use the encryption features, you will need UNIX crypt installed as /usr/bin/crypt. If you don't have crypt, a public domain replacement can be obtained from the "enigma" package. For an on-line tutorial on sc, type the command:

sc /usr/lib/sc/
This is a much modified version of a public domain spread sheet originally authored by James Gosling. It was subsequently modified and posted to USENET by Mark Weiser under the name vc. The program was subsequently renamed sc, and further modified by Jeff Buhrt and Robert Bond with the help of numerous contributors. Release 6.16 of sc was posted to comp.sources.misc, vol 20, on about Jun 4 1991. There were 4 sets of patches later posted to the same group: 6.16->6.17 (vol 22), 6.17->6.18 (vol 22), 6.18->6.19 (vol 23), and 6.19->6.21 (vol 30). The tar file in the source distribution has all patches up to 6.21 already applied.

Current Version:   6.21

License Type:   Freeware

Home Site: (sc*)

Source Code Availability:   Yes

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Targeted Platforms:

Any Unix system

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