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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans. This includes giving expert advice, understanding a natural language, speaking like a human, and recognizing complex patterns like handwriting. The 3 most useful AI Programs today are Expert Systems (solve real world problems by following the same IF/THEN rules a human expert follows), Natural Language (focuses on getting computers to understand spoken or typed language), and Neural Networks (a digitized model of a human brain, simulated in the binary memory of computer).

In this section, you will find some software that work on Linux in the field of AI. For example, you will find some programs of artificial life simulation, cellular automata, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, neural networks, pattern recognition, ....

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Genetic Algorithm:
NEW AI::GA [GPL] -- a simple generalized genetic algorithm.
ALGON -- an open C-macro package for developping Genetic Algorithms.
DDLab -- an interactive graphics program for research into the dynamics of finite binary networks.
EO -- an ANSI-C++ compliant evolutionary computation library.
FlexGA [CM] -- a genetic algorithm toolbox to implement evolutionary algorithms.
FlexTool [CM] -- seamless integration of fuzzy systems, genetic/evolutionary algorithms, more.
FORTRAN GA -- genetic algorithm simulation in FORTRAN.
GAGS -- a Genetic Algorithm application generator and class library written mainly in C++.
GAlib -- a set of C++ genetic algorithm object, with tools to do optimization.
GALOPPS -- a genetic algorithm optimized for portability and parallelism system.
GAS -- a Python framework for applying genetic algorithms.
NEW Lithos -- a stack based evolutionary computation system.
Maze Solver -- a configurable genetic algorithm written in Java for solving maze.
NeuroGraph [CM] -- an integrated developing environment for artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic.
GP Kernel [GPL] -- a genetic programming C++ class library.
gpc++ -- genetic programming in C++.
GPsys -- a Java based genetic programming system.
lil-gp -- a generic 'C' genetic programming tool.

NEW Parallel lil-gp -- a Strongly Typed version of lil-gp version that can be used on clusters.
NEW Ruby/GP [GPL] -- a genetic programming library in Ruby language.
Sugal -- support research and implementation in Genetic Algorithms on a common software platform.
The Vienna University of Economics Genetic Programming Kernel

Neural Network:
Backprop -- a program for back-propagation network algorithms.
Software for Flexible Bayesian Modeling -- based on neural networks and Gaussian processes.
BAYES-LIN [GPL] -- an object-oriented environment for Bayes linear local computation.
BILLNET [GPL] -- a fast and free neural network simulator.
BNG -- a tool for constructing structurally minimal Bayesian networks.
GENESIS -- a general neural simulation system.
jaNet [GPL] -- a Java neural network toolkit.
JavaScript Backpropagation Neural Network Simulator
L.A.N.E. -- the logically advanced neural engine.
libneural [GPL] -- library for creating a three layer backpropagation neural network.
NeuroGraph [CM] -- an integrated developing environment for artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic.
NeuronC -- a neural simulator language.
NICO -- an artificial neural network toolkit designed for speech recognition.
nn/xnn -- a system for designing, studying and simulating artificial neural networks.
NNFit -- a non-linear regression program based on multilayered neural network models.
nunu [GPL] -- a simple and scriptable neural network.
PDP++ -- neural-network simulation system written in C++.
PEBLS -- a nearest-neighbor learning system.
RNS -- a simulator for recurrent neural networks.
S-ElimBel -- an implementation of ElimBel algorithm that computes the belief in a Bayesian network.
SCNN -- an universal simulating system for Celluar Neural Networks.
SESAME -- a simulation system for computational architectures involving neural networks.
SNNAP -- simulator for neural networks and action potentials.
SNNS -- software simulator for neural networks.
SPRLIB/ANNLIB -- libraries for statistical pattern recognition and artificial neural networks.

Proof Assistant/Learning Method:
ATPPCF [GPL] -- automatic theorem prover in languages of positively constructed formulae.
CN2 -- a rule-induction program which generates a set of rules.
Coq -- a proof assistant tool.
NEW E [GPL] -- a purely equational theorem prover for clausal logic.
Jape -- a framework for building interactive proff editors.
LEGO -- an interactive proof development system.
Isabelle -- a generic theorem prover which can be extended with new logics.
MLC++ -- C++ class library for supervised machine learning.
Proof General -- is a generic Emacs interface for proof assistants.
PVS -- a specification language integrated with support tools and a theorem prover.
RIPPER -- a rule-learning systems.
SNePS [GPL] -- a knowledge representation system for building intelligent systems and cognitive agents.
TiMBL -- a program implementing several Memory-Based Learning techniques.
WEKA -- a machine learning workbench with a collection of machine learning methods.

Pattern/Speech Recognition:
AGFL Grammar Work Lab -- a collection of software systems for Natural Language Processing.
Chinese Morphological Analyzer [CM] -- accurate segmentation engine for search and retrieval of Chinese text.
CMU Sphinx -- an open source speech recognition system.
EARS -- an object-oriented speech recognition software for Linux.
EasySpeech -- a continuous-speech speaker-dependent automatic speech recognition software.
FreeSpeech [GPL] -- a free speech recognition project for Linux.
ESPS/waves+ with EnSig [CM] -- analysis and display of time-series data (speech visualization).
gocr [GPL] -- an optical character recognition software.
grapHvite [CM] -- a speech recognition prototyping system.
Hdrug [GPL] -- a graphical user environment for natural language processing in Prolog.
HTK [CM] -- a software toolkit for building high performance speech recognisers.
Illuminator -- a toolset for developing OCR and Image Understanding applications.
ISIP ASR -- powerful large vocabulary conversational speech recognizer.
KVoiceControl [GPL] -- a speech recognition system for connecting spoken commands to unix commands.
Learn -- vocable learning program with memory model.
Lingvisto -- foreign language word trainer for linux.
OCRchie -- a modular optical character recognition software.
OpenNLP [GPL] -- Java interfaces for Natural Language Processing components.
NEW PAI [GPL] -- a program capable of having a conversation in English.
SPRLIB/ANNLIB -- libraries for statistical pattern recognition and artificial neural networks.
ThoughtTreasure -- a system for natural language processing and commonsense reasoning.
TOOLDIAG -- a collection of methods for statistical pattern recognition.
UFF/FD -- calculates continuous numerical descriptors from 2-dimensional curve patterns.
ViaVoice -- helps developing applications with speech recognition technology.
VUtils -- a collection of source libraries for developing vision algorithms.
Xocr -- an optical recognition software for Linux.

Artificial Life, Cellular Automata, and Evolution Simulation:
ADATE -- automatic design of algorithms through evolution.
NEW CAEL [GPL] -- runs a cellular automata simulation with a set of rules.
CASE -- a toolkit for visualizing discrete models in cellular automaton simulations.
The Cellular Automata Simulation System -- system of cellular automata programming language.
gLife [GPL] -- an artificial life simulation program for GNOME.
GOL [GPL] -- simulator for Conway's game of life, and similar rule sets.
LEE -- an artificial life model and simulator of controlled complexity, using endogenous fitness.
Net-Life -- a simulation of artificial-life, with neural "brains" generated via slightly random techniques.
Primordial Soup -- an artificial life system.
PIPE -- a novel technique for automatic program synthesis.
NEW SVGA Cellular Automata Program [GPL]
tierra -- simulates evolution of creatures.
TIN [GPL] -- a primitive artificial life engine.
XESCA [GPL] -- XWindow extended simulator of cellular automata.
Xtoys -- a set of program for simulating cellular automata.

Agent Tcl -- transportable agent system written in Tcl.
AISearch -- a C++ class library for developing problem solving AI software.
ALE -- a logic programming and grammar parsing/generation system.
Ara -- a platform for the portable and secure execution of mobile agents in heterogeneous networks.
AutoClass -- a Bayesian classification system that seeks a maximum posterior probability classification.
BABYLON -- a modular, configurable, hybrid environment for developing expert systems.
Blackbox -- a SAT technology planning system.
BUGSX [GPL] -- designing biomorphs with an interactive genetic algorithm.
CLIPS -- productive development and delivery expert system tool.
CONICAL -- a computational neuroscience class library.
CON'FLEX -- solves fuzzy constraint problems with both finite domain and interval variables.
DemoGNG [GPL] -- a Java applet which implements several methods related to competitive learning.
Drone [GPL] -- a tool for automatically running batch jobs of a simulation program.
Echo -- simulation tools for interacting adaptive agents, or complex adaptive systems.
NEW FCLUSTER -- a tool for fuzzy cluster analysis.
FOOL & FOX [GPL] -- fuzzy system development tool and a small but powerful fuzzy engine.
FSA [GPL] -- a number of utilities to manipulate finite state automata, written in SICStus Prolog.
FUF/SURGE [GPL] -- a functional unification formalism interpreter and a syntactic realization grammar.
FuzzyCLIPS -- an enhanced version of CLIPS to supports fuzzy logic.
NRC FuzzyJava Toolkit & FuzzyJess -- Java classes for handling fuzzy concepts and reasoning.
IA [GPL] -- a little AI program capable of having a conversation in English.
Jess -- a clone of the core of the CLIPS expert system shell, written in Java.
John von Neumann Universal Constructor -- extending logical concept of universal computing machine.
Khepera Simulator -- a system helping to write controller for the mobile robot Khepera using C/C++.
Kibble -- organize seemingly discursive thoughts into a cohesive engine.
MONA -- a logic-based language/tool that translates formulas to finite-state automata.
NEFCLASS -- data analysis by neuro-fuzzy models.
NEFCON -- a model for neuro-fuzzy control.
NEFIDENT [GPL] -- approximating functions with fuzzy systems based on supervised learning.
NEURON -- an extensible nerve modeling and simulation program.
NEW OpenAI -- plan to create a full suite of nteroperable Artificial Intelligence engines.
Maze Solver -- a configurable genetic algorithm written in Java for solving maze.
NeuroGraph [CM] -- an integrated developing environment for artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic.
GP Kernel [GPL] -- a genetic programming C++ class library.
gpc++ -- genetic programming in C++.
GPsys -- a Java based genetic programming system.
POSES++ -- development and simulation of models.
Pulcinella -- a library of Lisp functions for creating, modifying and evaluating valuation systems.
QVocab [GPL] -- vocabulary program for Unix with GUI.
Soar -- a cognitive architectural framework and models, and an AI programming language.
SimRobot -- a 3D kinematic robot simulator software package.
SOM_PAK/LVQ_PAK -- software of self-organizing map and learning vector quantization.
Swarm [GPL] -- simulation of complex adaptive systems.
TACOMA -- operating system support for agents.
Thoth -- a new project to emulate the human brain using PERL.

Also Check Out:
ACL2 [GPL] -- programming language to model computer system and prove properties.
[B/D] -- interactive programming language for analyses of Bayes linear statistical problems.
Elastic Net Method for TSP -- demonstration of elastic net method on solving a travelling salesman problem.
Evolvuton and Other Software -- C++ software components for evolutionary computation and others.
EMA-XPS -- a hybrid graphic expert system shell.
esep [GPL] -- a parallel evolution scheduler based on genetic algorithms and evolutionary programming.
GAOT [GPL] -- genetic algorithm optimization toolbox for Matlab.
GATSS -- a Genetic Algorithm based solver of the Traveling Salesman problem in g++.
IMPS -- an interactive mathematical proof system.
LISP -- a high-level language.
PGAPack -- parallel genetic algorithm library.
Overflow [GPL] -- a dataflow-oriented rapid development environment in C++.
Prolog -- high-level progrmamming language based on formal logic.
Shift -- a programming language for describing dynamic networks of hybrid automata.
Many other programming languages in Programming Language section might also be useful for Artificial Intelligence.

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