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[B/D] is an interactive programming language, developed by David Wooff and Michael Goldstein, which allows complete a priori and diagnostic analyses of Bayes linear statistical problems. Bayes linear problems are subjective statistical analyses based on expectation and covariance structures, rather than on distributional assumptions. [B/D] is the primary tool of the Bayes linear research group.

[B/D] provides an environment in which we quickly and easily specify beliefs about quantities of interest, attach data to some or all of those quantities, and carry out the general process of Bayes linear adjustment. There is a great deal of information available about the adjustments, and diagnostics for conflicts between the data and your prior beliefs. It is also possible to produce interactive Bayes linear influence diagrams for the adjustments, providing simple graphical summaries of the adjustments and accompanying diagnostics.

Current Version:   8.42

License Type:   Free for Non-Commercial Use

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:   No

Available Binary Packages:

Targeted Platforms:

Linux/ix86, Windows 3.1/95

Software/Hardware Requirements:

To use the graphics capabilities, Tcl/Tk must be installed

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