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Items Added in May and June, 1999:

Open Visualization Data Explorer -- an application and development software package for visualizing 2D/3D data.[1999/06/28]
EasyGTK [GPL] -- wrapper library to make GTK programming easier, and quicker.[1999/06/28]
dbMan [GPL] -- a simple SQL monitor for common database system.[1999/06/28]
SigLib DSP Library [CM] -- DSP, Signal and image processing software and libraries.[1999/06/28]
Linux JDK -- IBM's port of Java 2 Platform to Linux.[1999/06/28]
GLOBAL -- a browsing system for C, Yacc and Java source code.[1999/06/28]
EAGLE [CM] -- an easy to use yet powerful tool for designing printed circuit boards.[1999/06/28]
Supermax EDA [CM] -- a suite of applications environment for electronic design.[1999/06/28]
PETE -- portable expression template engine.[1999/06/28]
MPFUN++ -- a C++ implementation of MPFUN for calculation in arbitrary numeric precision.[1999/06/28]
SolidWorks Java Viewer -- view native SolidWorks. parts, drawings, and assembly files.[1999/06/28]
Chipmunk Basic -- an old fashioned Basic interpreter.[1999/06/28]
QueriX 4GL -- 4GL compilers which are Informix 4GL compatible.[1999/06/28]
Pike [GPL] -- a dynamic programming language with a syntax similar to C.[1999/06/28]
Yacas -- a small and highly flexible computer algebra language.[1999/06/28]
PovFront -- a front-end for POV-Ray ray tracer.[1999/06/28]
Source Code Engineering Tool for C/C++/Java teams [CM][1999/05/30]
OOPM -- multimodeling object-oriented simulation environment.[1999/05/30]
sl++ [GPL] -- a C++ object oriented numerical library.[1999/05/30]
Biostatistics Software -- collection of software for biostatistics research.[1999/05/30]
OOMMF -- a portable, extensible public domain micromagnetic programs and tools.[1999/05/30]
CACAO -- 64 bit just-in-time (JIT) compiler for Java on Alpha processor.[1999/05/30]
SAIF -- software related to Spatial Archive and Interchange Format (SAIF) file.[1999/05/30]
SparseLib++ -- a C++ class library for efficient sparse matrix computations.[1999/05/30]
GAIO -- a software package for the numerical analysis of dynamical systems.[1999/05/30]
Magick -- object-oriented C++ API to the ImageMagick image-processing library.[1999/05/30]
MGL -- multi-platform graphcs library for fast development.[1999/05/30]
LEGO -- an interactive proof development system.[1999/05/30]
Isabelle -- a generic theorem prover which can be extended with new logics.[1999/05/30]
Proof General -- is a generic Emacs interface for proof assistants.[1999/05/30]
PomBase -- database merges the genomic sequence data with maps, genetics and bibliography.[1999/05/30]
techexplorer Hypermedia Browser [CM] -- enabling the display of TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents on web.[1999/05/28]
Interpreter for symbolic manipulation -- a simple computer algebra system in C++ or Java.[1999/05/28]
kspline -- a library which provides spline functions.[1999/05/28]
Volsh -- a volume render based on parallel Shear-Warp Factorization algorithms.[1999/05/28]
CGAL -- a C++ software library of geometric data structures and algorithms.[1999/05/28]
SoftFloat -- implementation of IEC/IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-point Arithmetic.[1999/05/28]
CloneIt -- finding sub-cloing strategies, in-frame deletions, and frameshifts strategies.[1999/05/28]
AstrHorloge [GPL] -- an astronomy software showing a sky map and coordinates of stars.[1999/05/28]
TheRate -- an intuitive teaching tool for courses in applied quantum chemistry and kinetics.[1999/05/28]
BTL [GPL] -- a bioinformatics template C++ library.[1999/05/28]
LUCY -- a Clifford algebra approach to Spinor calculus.[1999/05/28]
Lpp -- a library of Lisp like functions and macros usable in C++ programs.[1999/05/28]
Schelab -- a numerical analysis library for Scheme.[1999/05/28]
SMV -- checking finite state systems against specifications in temporal logic CTL.[1999/05/28]
CINQ [GPL] -- to create a BASIC compiler system.[1999/05/28]
RenderDotC [CM] -- a photorealistic rendering toolkit adheres to the RenderMan(R) standard.[1999/05/28]
UniVerse/UniData [CM] -- relational databases and development tools.[1999/05/28]
The Vienna University of Economics Genetic Programming Kernel [1999/05/28]
Shadows -- a distributed programming paradigm and a class library for C++.[1999/05/28]
Scientific Math Library in C++ -- extensive collection of classes and routines.[1999/05/28]
MV++ -- a small/efficient set of concrete vector and simple matrix C++ classes.[1999/05/28]
Goose [GPL] -- a C++ library dedicated to statistical computation.[1999/05/20]
Flick IDL Compiler -- a compiler for interface definition language.[1999/05/20]
Gpasman [GPL] -- a GTK-based safe password manager.[1999/05/20]
UML -- a language for specifying, visualizing, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of software systems.[1999/05/20]
Argo/UML -- an object-oriented design tool with cognitive support.[1999/05/20]
mpiJava -- an object-oriented Java interface to MPI.[1999/05/20]
EGO -- molecular dynamics calculations on parallel/sequential computers.[1999/05/20]
MONA -- a logic-based language/tool that translates formulas to finite-state automata.[1999/05/20]
CodeWarrior [CM] -- an industrial-strength, easy-to-use Integrated Development Environment.[1999/05/20]
Muac [GPL] -- a fast (n log(n)) algorithm for the 2D KS test.[1999/05/20]
bibtool [GPL] -- a small tool to help maintain BibTeX files.[1999/05/20]
GIZMO3D -- igh performance platform independant 3D scene graph library.[1999/05/20]
kmplot [GPL] -- mathematical function plotter for KDE.[1999/05/20]
Xplanet [GPL] -- renders an image of the earth into the X root window.[1999/05/20]
Visual GTK [GPL] -- a simple IDE to create GTK programs.[1999/05/20]
MCS -- global optimization by multilevel coordinate search.[1999/05/20]
ELS/GLS -- efficient and global line search programs.[1999/05/20]
MINQ -- general definite and bound constrained indefinite quadratic programming.[1999/05/20]
TOMLAB [CM] -- a general purpose environment of optimization, based on MATLAB.[1999/05/20]
GREEDY -- a classification program that classifies d-dimensional data set.[1999/05/20]
GMRES/FGMRES -- implementation of GMRES iterative linear solvers.[1999/05/20]
MatView -- a scalable sparse matrix viewer.[1999/05/20]
Fujitsu High Performance C/C++ and Fortran 95 Compiler [CM][1999/05/06]
Simple Lisp -- a simple lisp interpreter with symbolic math library for tensors.[1999/05/06]
QVocab [GPL] -- vocabulary program for Unix with GUI.[1999/05/06]
SAC -- general purpose interactive seismic analysis program.[1999/05/06]
LAMDI -- Linux anesthesia modular devices interface.[1999/05/06]
fdtd2d -- 2D analysis for lossless dielectrics and perfect electrical conductors.[1999/05/06]
Versant ODBMS [CM] -- object database system for multi-user, distributed applications.[1999/05/06]
CPML -- a replacement libm library for Alpha Linux with better performance.[1999/05/06]
Latte -- simple and powerful language for including markup in text.[1999/05/06]
gTuring [GPL] -- a simple turing machine simulator. [1999/05/06]
Clustor -- an environment to build distributed compute intensive applications.[1999/05/06]

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