The Compaq Portable Math Library (CPML) is identical in content to that of Compaq Tru64 UNIX libm and consequently can be considered as a replacement for the Alpha Linux Libm: In particular the CPML provides intrinsic function support for the C and Fortran languages as defined by the X/Open, ANSI C and ANSI Fortran standards. The CPML supports IEEE single, double and quad precision floating point formats.

The standard CPML routines are significantly faster than the corresponding routines in the Alpha Linux libm and with a few exceptions are also faster than the corresponding libffm routines. In most cases, the error in the CPML standard routines is bounded by .6 lsb as compared to .8 lsb for the Linux libm or 3.0 lsb for libffm. The standard CPML routines all set errno in accordance to the X/Open standard.

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