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Items Added in May & June, 1998:

Conix 3D Explorer [CM] -- renders Mathematica graphics with OpenGL.[1998/06/24]
EOS -- an electronic object simulator.[1998/06/24]
Slidedraw [GPL] -- a simple presentation slide editor.[1998/06/24]
Fastflo [CM] -- a 2/3D FEM environment for solving partial differential equations.[1998/06/24]
Sixpack [GPL] -- a bibTeX and reference manager.[1998/06/24]
Mechanical Systems [CM] -- a Mathematica application for motion analysis of rigid body systems.[1998/06/24]
FreeWRL [GPL] -- a VRML browser for Linux.[1998/06/24]
SHEEP -- a computer algebra system designed primarily for general relativity.[1998/06/24]
XTide [GPL] -- a tide clock and tide prediction program.[1998/06/24]
Java Analysis Studio -- an application for High Energy Physics data analysis.[1998/06/24]
OPACS -- a visualization environment to ease the "Event display" programming.[1998/06/24]
ARIBAS [GPL] -- an interactive interpreter for big integer and multi-precision floating point arithmetic.[1998/06/16]
MMach -- Khoros toolkbox on mathematical morphology.[1998/06/16]
SCMS -- a cluster management system for Beowulf cluster.[1998/06/16]
FreeTDS [GPL] -- re-implementation of Sybase's dblib library for Linux.[1998/06/16]
SPRNG -- scalable parallel random number generators library.[1998/06/16]
JavaCC (Java Compiler Compiler) -- a Java parser generator.[1998/06/16]
MOSIX [GPL] -- a kernel enhancements for supporting cluster computing.[1998/06/16]
ECPP -- a software package for primality proving.[1998/06/16]
PETAL [CM] -- a fast and low level graphics library designed for Linux.[1998/06/16]
ImageLib [GPL] -- an image processing C++ class library.[1998/06/16]
IDVI -- present TeX document (dvi) on the web.[1998/06/16]
WebEQ -- creating and displaying interactive scientific Web documents.[1998/06/16]
MARS -- 3D modelling animation and redering system.[1998/06/09]
SvLis -- a C++ and set-theoretic kernel geometric modeller.[1998/06/09]
FortMP [CM] -- linear, integer and quadratic programming optimization system.[1998/06/09]
LOQO [CM] -- a system for solving smooth optimization problems.[1998/06/09]
fltk [GPL] -- a user interface toolkit for X and OpenGL and Win32 NT/95.[1998/06/09]
DONLP2 -- minimization of a differentiable function with (in)equality constraints.[1998/06/09]
MSWordView -- a Word 8 converter for Unix.[1998/06/09]
PORT -- a collection of Fortran 77 routines for many traditional areas of mathematical software.[1998/06/09]
IMD -- multilayer optical properties modeling and curve-fitting.[1998/06/09]
VOV [CM] -- design flow management of computer aided design of complex system.[1998/06/09]
DRS [CM] -- a formal systhesis system for deriving verified hardware.[1998/06/09]
GXedit [GPL] -- a simple graphical editor using Gtk.[1998/06/09]
SISYPHOS -- computing in modular group algebras of p-groups.[1998/06/09]
MOLCAS [CM] -- a quantum chemistry software for molecular systems.[1998/06/09]
GL-Space -- a free 3-D modeler for the X window system.[1998/06/09]
Open Inventor from TGS [CM] -- an OO toolkit for developing interactive, 3D graphics applications.[1998/06/09]
CMAT -- an exact arithmetic matrix calculator program.[1998/05/27]
Knotscape -- provides convenient access to tables of knots.[1998/05/27]
cspX [CM] -- time series analysis algorithms for analyzing chaotic or regular data sets.[1998/05/27]
Sheafhom -- a set of programs for homological algebra and algebraic topology.[1998/05/27]
Khoros Pro 2000 VPE [CM] -- visual prototyping environment for data processing/exploration/visualization.[1998/05/27]
Khoros Pro 2000 SDK [CM] -- development tools for data analysis/visualization, visual programming, GUI, client/server software.[1998/05/27]
Xprism Pro [CM] -- a professional 2D and 3D plotting tool.[1998/05/27]
Ovation [CM] -- a feature loaded presentation graphics application for UNIX.[1998/05/27]
CONTENT -- dynamical system software with differential equation solvers and tools.[1998/05/27]
CoCoA -- a special-purpose system for doing Computations in Commutative Algebra.[1998/05/27]
Overature -- C++ libraries help solving partial differential equations in complicated geometries.[1998/05/27]
NPB -- programs designed to help evaluate the performance of parallel supercomputers.[1998/05/27]
ALLSPD-3D -- numerical tool for simulating chemically reacting flows in aerospace propulsion system.[1998/05/22]
ZAF [CM] -- a user interface class library and visual development tool.[1998/05/22]
DISCRETA -- construction of t-designs with prescribed group of automorphisms.[1998/05/22]
GENREG -- computation/construction of regular graphs.[1998/05/22]
TEItools [GPL] -- converts SGML to various output formats.[1998/05/22]
mixal -- language for D.E.Knuth4s hypothetical computer, the MIX 1009.[1998/05/22]
CALC -- calculator program for doing arbitrary precision integer arithmetic.[1998/05/22]
GNUBC PROGRAMS -- a set of programs for bc.[1998/05/22]
COSY INFINITY -- an arbitrary order beam dynamics simulation and analysis code.[1998/05/22]
UniCalc -- a universal solver for arbitrary algebraic systems of equations and inequlities.[1998/05/22]
FlexTool [CM] -- seamless integration of fuzzy systems, genetic/evolutionary algorithms, more.[1998/05/15]
abs [GPL] -- a basic spreadsheet with graphic user interface.[1998/05/15]
Maxwell's Lemur [GPL] -- a spreadsheet using Guile and Gtk.[1998/05/15]
DGEMM for Alpha Chip [GPL] -- highly optimized dgemm implementation for Alpha/Linux.[1998/05/15]
VAST/77to90 [CM] -- a Fortran 77 to Fortran 90 translator.[1998/05/15]
VAST-HPF [CM] -- compiles HPF into efficient parallel code.[1998/05/15]
VAST-DPC [CM] -- a data parallel C compiler for parallel and distributed systems.[1998/05/15]
VAST_PARALLEL [CM] -- parallelizes Fortran/C programs for multiple CPU systems.[1998/05/15]
DEEP [CM] -- parallel programming environment with program analysis, profiling, debugging.[1998/05/15]
moodss [GPL] -- a modular object oriented dynamic spreadsheet.[1998/05/15]
MEDx [CM] -- portable image processing software for 2/3D medical imagery.[1998/05/15]
Panorama [GPL] -- a 3D scene redering system.[1998/05/15]
Satlas -- Xwindow application for stellar abundance analysis.[1998/05/15]
sted [GPL] -- a very small and simple ncurses-based text editor.[1998/05/15]
VAST/f90 -- a Fortran 90 to g77 translator.[1998/05/02]
TOCHNOG [GPL] -- a versatile FEM program with many capabilities.[1998/05/01]
Graph Layout Toolkit [CM] -- customizable graph layout technology to application developers.[1998/05/01]
MISTIC -- a planar process compiler for thin-film and micromachined devices.[1998/05/01]
chiplogo -- a simple program for generating pretty logos for putting on chips.[1998/05/01]
p2m -- convert an image file so it can be placed on your chip.[1998/05/01]
Mica -- a modern object-oriented 2D graphics library in Java.[1998/05/01]
MAM/VRS [GPL] -- general-purpose graphics toolkit with high-level interface to 3D rendering/modeling.[1998/05/01]
Cameleo [CM] -- professional image acquisition, processing, retouching, RIPing and lay-out.[1998/05/01]
Fig2Java -- converts GCG fig files to tgif obj files or Java codes.[1998/05/01]
HotEqn -- a Java applet to view/display math equations on the web.[1998/05/01]
djbfft -- fastest available code for small power-of-2 complex DFTs on a Pentium.[1998/05/01]
OpenGL Ada Bindings [GPL][1998/05/01]
ZMech [SR] -- an interative state machine development tool.[1998/05/01]
BOIL [GPL] -- C-like language with distributed programming, accounting, etc.[1998/05/01]
GLand -- a simple landscape viewer for OpenGL.[1998/05/01]

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