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XPrism Pro is the professional 2D and 3D plotting tool from Khoral Research, Inc. that facilitates deeper understanding of your data. Powerful, flexible, and easy to use, XPrism Pro works independently or can be smoothly integrated with Khoros Pro. Now everyone in your workgroup can have the right tool for plotting and visualizing data. Understanding your data has never been so effortless.

  • XPrism Pro creates the full range of commonly used 2D and 3D plot types easily.
  • Combine as many 2D and 3D plots in the workspace as you want using the multiple view capability, then save the views for use by any member of your team, on any supported machine architecture.
  • Add unlimited data sets per view as needed.
  • XPrism Pro offers user-defined or pre-defined color maps, Vector Postscript. printing and Encapsulated Postscript printing for inclusion in any document.
  • All data types and many standard data formats are supported.
  • Publishing to the WWW is easy with JPEG output.
  • Thousands of data points can be manipulated because XPrism Pro is designed for large data sets. Its Rendering Throttle(TM) allows you to choose between full detail but slower or less detail but faster operation.
  • XPrism Pro directly supports animation by cycling through time-varying 3D data sets, and by hands-free rotation of 3D data sets.

Current Version:   1.0

License Type:   Commercial (evaluation copy available)

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Source Code Availability: No

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Targeted Platforms:

Digital UNIX, Linux 4.2 (Red Hat), SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris.

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