CONTENT is a dynamical system software with differential equation solvers and tools. Mathematical features:

  • continuation of generic and singular equilibria, periodic and homoclinic orbits;
  • detection of bifurcations, normal form computation, and branch switching;
  • computation and processing of orbits.
  • Software features:
    • user-friendly interface;
    • extendibility (dynamical systems and numerics);
    • portability of the numerical part and interface among the popular platforms;
    • 2D and 3D graphc windows;
    • on-line hypertext help with figures;
    • advanced storage, import and export of results.

  • Current Version:   1.3

    License Type:   ??

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    Available Binary Packages:

    • Debian Package:   No
    • RedHat RPM Package:   No
    • Other Packages:   Yes

    Targeted Platforms:

    SGI IRIX, Linux Red Hat 4.0, HP-UX, DEC Alpha OSF 3.2, SUN OS, AIX, PC Borland C++ 5.0

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