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Relational DBMS (RDBMS) is still the most popular database management system on the market. Most large-scale commerical applications are built upon relational database systems, typically in Client/Server models.

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Relational DBMS   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

NEW Abria SQL [CM] -- integration of MySQL and secure Apache/SSL.
ADABAS D [CM] -- an advanced RDBMS with transparent, advanced data distribution capabilities.
Beagle SQL -- a client server DBMS for Unix.
CQL++ [CM] -- an ANSI and ODBC compliant database management system.
D3 [CM] -- a nested multi-dimensional OLTP database system.
D3 ProPlus [CM] -- database management for a multidimensional world.
DB2 Universal Database [CM] -- an industrial-strength RDBMS offers true universal capabilities.
NEW DBUI [GPL] -- a fully functional database viewer/editor for MySQL and Postgres.
NEW DynamIT [CM] -- universal and fully dynamic GUI for relational databases.
Embedded Empress RDBMS [CM] -- internet-ready development toolkit for embedded systems.
Empress DataWEB [CM] -- dynamic,interactive Web-based applications development.
Empress Linux Suite [CM] -- a complete collection of Empress RDBMS products.
Essentia -- a database server emphasizes simplicity, utility and power.
Gadfly -- an SQL database in Python.
GNU SQL Server [GPL] -- a portable multiuser RDBMS.
INFORMIX-SE [CM] -- a multi-user client/server SQL-based database engine.
Ingres II [CM] -- an advanced and industrial-strength RDBMS.
InterBase -- an RDBMS with ease of operation and sophisticated features.
jBASE -- a Pick/D3 like database.
Just Logic/SQL [CM] -- a relational database engine made to be used from C/C++ programs.
Kubl [CM] -- a RDBMS Platform for Windows and Unix.
Leap [GPL] -- a relational database management system and relational algebra processor.
MDBMS -- a SQL database server currently under development.
MIMER SQL -- high performance RDBMS for mission-critical client/server environments.
mSQL (Mini SQL) -- a light weight database engine that supports most of the ANSI SQL specification.

xsqlmenu -- a powerful frontend for the Mini SQL database engine.
MySQL [GPL] -- a SQL (Structured Query Language) database server.
XmySQL -- XForms based GUI front end to MySQL.
NoSQL [GPL] -- a fast, portable, relational DBMS without arbitrary limits.
Oracle products [CM] -- powerful database server and applications.
Ovrimos [CM] -- a multiuser, relational DBMS with ODBC and JDBC options.
Paloma [GPL] -- a relational music/mp3 database system.
Pervasive.SQL [CM] -- scalable DBMS designed to meet fast changing needs of the Internet.
pql [GPL] -- a relational, transaction oriented database tool.
PrimeBase -- an RDBMS supporting all common database standards and protocols.
Progress 8.3B for Linux [CM] -- RDBMS deployment to high scalable environments.
Qddb -- a data manipulation suite of adding, modifying, and deleting records.
/rdb [CM] -- a RDBMS and applications development system.
NEW RDBMS Linter SQL [CM] -- a relational database management system with SQL-92 implementation.
Recital [CM] -- a RDBMS and 4GE for Unix and OpenVMS systems.
NEW Speedy -- a fast main memory SQL-database for Linux.
Strong Related DataBase [GPL] -- small relational database for educational purposes.
SOLID Server [CM] -- a full-featured relational client/server DBMS.
SQLflex [CM] -- powerful full featured client/server SAL.
Sybase ASE -- a highly scalable, high-perfromance, SQL-based database engine.
DBGUI -- complete X graphical database interface for Sybase.
Texis [CM] -- a fully integrated RDBMS that manages information regardless of data source.
Typhoon -- a relational database management systemwith C API interfaces.
UniVerse/UniData [CM] -- relational databases and development tools.
YARD-SQL [CM] -- relational database system for Unix including ESQLC, JDBC and ODBC.
Velocis [CM] -- cross-platform database server for e-Business, Web applications, industrial servers.

Also Check Out:
ANGOSS SmartWare [CM] -- relational database, spreadsheet, word processor, communications.
Empress Embedded Developer's Toolkit [CM] -- embedded applications development toolkit.
JSQLVis [GPL] -- fast data visualization for SQL DBMS.
Polyhedra [CM] -- an object-relational, event-driven, real-time, memory-resident, persistent DBMS.
PostgreSQL -- a object-relational DBMS.

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