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The software in this section are programs perform graphics/image/signal processing and visualization. Many of them are general purpose programs that users can find useful in many different application fields, while some of them were designed to address certain specific problems, such as those in astronomy.

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Processing & Visualization   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

3DVIEWNIX [CM] -- visualizing, manipulating, and analyzing multidimensional, multimodality image.
AFNI -- software for analysis of functional neuroimages.
ALEX -- an image processor for Scanning Force Microscopy images, based on Matlab.
Amira [CM] -- visualization and reconstruction for 3D image data.
ANALYZE [CM] -- multimodality, multidimensional biomedical imaging/visualization.
ATNF Visualization Software -- a set of visualization software using Karma library.
Alpha Shapes Visualization Software -- visualization software for alpha shapes.
Cppima [GPL] -- a C++ library designed for image processing.
CVIPtools -- a software package for the exploration of computer vision and image processing.
DataLab-J -- image processing and analysis package written in Java.
Dataplore [CM] -- software tool for analysis of signals and time series data.
daVinci -- an interactive graph visualiztion system.
DIPlib -- a scientific image processing library written in C.
ENVI [CM] -- the environment for visualizing images.
ESO-MIDAS [GPL] -- tools for image processing and data reduction with emphasis on astronomical applications.
eXsas -- extended scientific analysis system for X-ray and XUV data.
FRACLAB -- a fractal analysis toolbox for signal processing.
Geomview -- an interactive program for viewing and manipulating geometric objects.
GXSM [GPL] -- 2D data aquisitation and manipulation software, designed for STM/AFM/SPA-LEED.
Grayscale Image Processing -- a C++ class library to do many things with grayscale images.
ISee [CM] -- a complete image acquisition, processing, analysis and presentation software.
NEW HASAS -- a modular system for passive sonar signal analysis.
heurisko [CM] -- a script-based, object-oriented image processing applications developing package.
HIPS [CM] -- a general-purpose software package for image processing.
HOOPS 3D -- a robust graphics development components for high-end 3D applications.
IKIT [GPL] -- an interactive and batch image processing kit.
Image -- a package for processing gel images from restriction digest fingerprinting experiments.
Image/J -- a Java based image processing program inspired by NIH Image for Macintosh.
ImageGear [CM] -- an award-winning imaging toolkit.
ImageLib img src="../../images/gpl.gif" alt="[GPL]"> -- an image processing C++ class library.
iMIPS [CM] -- multimodality image registration with 2/3D fusion visualization tools.
Improv -- image processing for robot vision.
IRAF [GPL] -- general purpose software system for image reduction and analysis of scientific data.

PROS -- an x-ray analysis software system designed to run under IRAF.
IRIS [CM] -- system for storage, transmission and analysis of medical images.
NEW JavaView -- a 3D geometry viewer and numerical software library Java.
Karma [GPL] -- library for signal and image processing applications.
KFourier [GPL] -- uses the Fourier transform to use multiple filters on an image.
KUIM -- an image processing system for teaching and computer vision research.
LabVIEW [CM] -- graphical programming environment for data acquisition/control/analysis/visualization.
NEW Leadtools Imaging for Linux -- an imaging developer toolkit for the Linux.
LIMP -- a C++ library for large image processing.
M.A.D. -- a powerful image processing system.
Magick -- object-oriented C++ API to the ImageMagick image-processing library.
MathGL3d -- interactive OpenGL based 3d graphics viewer for Mathematica.
MEDx [CM] -- portable image processing software for 2/3D medical imagery.
MegaWave2 -- software environment which help write algorithms on image processing.
MIRIAD -- Multichannel Image Reconstruction, Image Analysis and Display.
Msphinx -- a progressive system for future satellite sensors and image processing.
Overflow [GPL] -- a dataflow-oriented rapid development environment in C++.
PMOD [CM] -- Java software for kinetic modeling and medical image processing.
NEW Pulsar [GPL] -- generation and simulation of advanced RF pulses.
matlabPyrTools -- some of MatLab tools for multi-scale image processing.
Pipewave -- a suite of programs for digital signal processing and auditory modelling.
Pixies -- biomedical image series analysis with sophisticated tools.
Ptolemy -- designing signal processing and communications systems.
SAORD -- software tree mainly for astronomical analysis.
SDC Morphology Toolbox for MATLAB -- for various image analysis.
SSA-MTM -- toolkit which which analyze short, noisy time series.
NEW spoke [GPL] -- a library of javabeans components for signal processing.
Superficie [GPL] -- a small program allows to visualize 3D surfaces.
Time-Frequency Toolbox -- Matlab M-files for analyzing non-stationary signals.
tnimage [GPL] -- a scientific image viewing and analysis program.
Triton -- interactive program devoted to numerical image processing.
V -- interactive multidimensional image/spectral reconstruction, processing and analysis.
Viewit -- a multidimensional image processing software originally for magnetic resonance data.
VolVis -- a volume visualization system.
VTK -- a C++ class library for 3D computer graphics and visualization.
XITE -- image processing tools and environment.
XMegaWave -- a graphical windows environment oriented towards image processing.
Z-IMAGE [CM] -- an interactive image analysis package with language similar to statistical package S.

Also Check Out:
ANA -- extensive, interactive data and image processing software package and language.
GRAPE -- a package for mathematical visualization.
Khoros Pro 2000 VPE [CM] -- visual prototyping environment for data processing/exploration/visualization.

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