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X Window System, developed by M.I.T (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), is a portable client-server based windowing system. Virtually every UNIX system ships with a customized X window. X11 is the latest revision of the X window system. Motif and OpenLook (XView) are the two most popular wedget libraries for X Window. Many high level libraries have been developed by commercial companies and academic researchers. Most freely available toolkits and high-level libraries are of superior quality and easy-to-use.

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X11 Libraries & Toolkits   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

Amulet -- user interface development environment for C++.
The Andrew User Interface System (AUIS) -- tools to create, use, and mail multi-media documents.
BISS AWT [GPL] -- a Java framework for building graphical applications.
BX PRO [CM] -- a GUI builder for X/Motif developers.
BXwidgets [CM] -- a supplementary widget set to develop Motif applications.
EditTable/ChartObject [CM] -- OSF/Motif compliant widget for table editing, display/charting capabilities.
fltk [GPL] -- a user interface toolkit for X and OpenGL and Win32 NT/95.
FOX [GPL] -- a C++ based library for development of graphical user interfaces.
FREE Visual Tcl/Tk Project [GPL] -- a cross platform, visual, rapid application development environment for Tcl/Tk.
Fresco -- object-oriented user interface system for development of window-based applications.
Gen/X [CM] -- a system designed to generate X applications quickly and easily.
GLUI -- a GLUT-based C++ user interface library.
GNUstep [GPL] -- a free implementation of the OpenStep standard.
Grafix [GPL] -- C++-package for assisting programmers to write programs with GUI for X Windows.
GraphApp [GPL] -- a toolkit for platform-independent GUI programming in C.
GTK+ [GPL] -- a fast and efficient GUI toolkit.

EasyGTK [GPL] -- wrapper library to make GTK programming easier, and quicker.
GUBI [GPL] -- Gtk+ User Interface Builder.
GUI Guru [GPL] -- a tool for Java GUI applications development.
Hv -- a library for developing GUI for scientific and engineering applications.
HView HTML Widget [CM] -- a Motif widget to display HTML 2.0 standard text and images.
ILOG Views [CM] -- a software for designing very graphical user interfaces in C++.
Imlib [GPL] -- an advanced replacement library for libraries like libXpm.
INTERACTER [CM] -- Fortran-based user-interface and graphics subroutine library.
InterViews -- an C++ GUI class library.
JX [CM] -- a C++ application framework and GUI class library for X Windows.
Linux Interface Project [GPL] -- aims to provide free and commercial grade widget set for X11.
lxb [GPL] -- X/Motif interactive GUI builder.
Marx [GPL] -- interpreted script language providing quich way of creating GUI.
MetaCard [CM] -- a cross-platform multimedia authoring tool and GUI development environment.
Microline Widget Library [SR] -- a powerful set of user-interface objects for Motif.
MINOS [GPL] -- a GUI framework written in Forth.
MGUI -- cross platform API for GUI applications.
Motif [CM] -- a GUI library and window manager to the X windows system.
LessTif [GPL] -- a API compatible clone of the Motif toolkit.
Motif from Metro Link[CM] -- Motif port to Linux.
MOO-TIFF from InfoMagic[CM] -- OSF/Motif port on Linux.
Motif from Xi Graphics[CM] -- complete display and development environment for OSF/Motif
Red Hat Motif [CM] -- a full OSF/Motif development system.
SWiM [CM] -- a version of Motif for several free OS's.
Open Motif Everywhere -- ICS's distribution of Open Motif built from the official Open Group sources.
N-ary Tree Widget [CM] -- an Xt/Motif widget to display/edit data structures with hierarchical relationships.
neXtaw -- an replacement library for the Athena (libXaw) widget set.
OPaC -- a C++ class library which provides a complete portable GUI toolkit.
Otools -- an object-oriented toolkit for writing X11 applications.
Pmw -- high-level compound widgets in Python using Tk.
Prometheus Truecolor [GPL] -- C++/Java library of choice for demo programming.
Qt -- object-oriented framework for developing GUI applications.
PerlQt [GPL] -- an object-oriented interface to Qt.
QtEZ [GPL] -- a simple IDE for Qt and C++.
SCAPI [CM] -- a C++ cross-platform framework that let you develop GUI.
SNAPIX -- user interface and application generator.
SpecTcl -- visual basic style GUI builder for Tcl/Tk.
TabBook Widget -- a Motif manager widget similar to Motif's own XmNotebook widget in appearance.
TclMotif -- a Tcl binding to Motif.
TOAD [GPL] -- a modern C++ toolkit for developing graphical user interfaces (GUI) for the X11.
TurboVision for UNIX [GPL] -- C++ GUI framework.
V [GPL] -- portable C++ GUI framework.
VDK [GPL] -- an easy to use C++ wrapper of Gtk+ GUI library for X.
VDKBuilder [GPL] -- a Rapid Application Development tool based on VDK.
VDX [CM] -- create user interfaces with OSF/Motif widgets.
View Designer/X [GPL] -- Motif interface builder.
ViewKit [CM] -- a C++ application framework for OSF/Motif and CDE applications.
Hungry ViewKit [GPL] -- a C++ application framework for OSF/Motif.
Visual GTK [GPL] -- a simple IDE to create GTK programs.
Visual Tcl [GPL] -- an application development environment.
VisualGIPSY [CM] -- powerful yet easy to use GUI builder for Tcl/Tk applications.
VisualOberon [GPL] -- a collection of classes written in the programming language Oberon-2.
VxLib [GPL] -- C++ GUI framework for X Windows.
VXP -- integrated Motif GUI builder.
Wafe -- a programming environment for X toolkit based applications.
WINTERP -- an a rapid prototyping environment for creating and delivering GUI-based applications.
wxWindows -- C++ toolkit for developing multi-platform, graphical applications.
wxperl -- a Perl GUI extension implemented with wxWindows.
wxPython -- a marriage of Python and wxWindows.
wxXt -- a C++ GUI toolkit derived from and source-code-compatible with wxWindows.
Xbae -- Motif widgets contain the matrix and caption widgets.
Xclass [GPL] -- an Xlib and C++ based Win95-looking GUI toolkit.
Xclasses [GPL] -- an X11 GUI library in C++.
XEBOT [CM] -- rapid GUI application builder and self contained multi-platform.
Xew -- widgets for the applications that have a need to display multimedia information.
XF -- build and modify GUI based upon the Tcl/Tk package.
XForms -- a graphical user interface toolkit and builder on X Window.
PyXForms [GPL] -- a binding between Python and XForms.
Xforms4Perl [GPL] -- an extension to Perl giving access to the Xforms library.
Xm++ -- an user interface framework for the C++ language.
XmHTML [GPL] -- a Motif widget capable of displaying HTML 3.2 documents.
XPIP -- quickly construct GUI in an X-Windows environment.
XRT Widgets -- family of widgets and object-oriented software libraries for Motif.
xtent -- a simple function oriented language for creating X-based applications.
XView -- a user-interface toolkit to support interactive, graphics-based applications.
XVisual -- visual development environment for creating X applications.
ZAF [CM] -- a user interface class library and visual development tool.
ZPA -- a cross-platform C++ GUI framework.

Also Check Out:
Code Crusader -- a C/C++ development environment for X Windows.
Free Builder -- develop a free Java Integrated Development Environment.
EiffelBuild from ISE Eiffel[CM] -- Eiffel's application generator and graphical user interface builder.
ivtools -- extension to InterViews.
KDE [GPL] -- a powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations.
StudioJ [CM] -- integrated Java components for data analysis/charting/database access.
XBasic -- interactive program development environment and GuiDesigner.
YACL -- a C++ class library that offers high-level abstractions for common programming problems.

Other Resources:

MotifZone - The Definitive Site for X/Motif Developers. The MotifZone is dedicated to X and Motif developers that are looking for indepth information X and Motif. A special section for Linux developers is provided. There is also an online magazine, The Motif Developer, that is hosted at this site.

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