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X11/Motif user interface and application generator. Snapix is based on a complete, typed, structured, event driven, object oriented language which offers:

  • ease of use, wellknown C syntax (no lengthy learning curve),
  • short development cycle,
  • very scalable and maintainable,
  • small memory and disk footprint, fast execution speed,
  • high reliability.
    The package includes:
  • an advanced, structured, object oriented language,
  • a graphics editor which generates Snapix source code,
  • an interpreter/compiler,
  • a runtime/driver for standalone application usage,
  • full documentation: ref. manual, installation and user guides, (postcript files), and online hypertext help.
Personal use (nonprofit, noncommercial) and education read package embedded COPYRIGHTS file before usage.

Current Version:   3.1.18

License Type:   2 versions:

  • Non-Commercial -- for Linux86, free distribution and usage for educational and non commercial/non profitable usage (see licence file with the package)
  • Commercial -- needs to buy a commercial version of SNAPIX development system in order to have the right to develop/edit/distribute applications. Application usage: free (previously a usage fee was required on a user basis, whatever the application origin was). We will remove user's fee obligation from the present commercial license.

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:   No

Available Binary Packages:

  • Debian Package:   No
  • RedHat RPM Package:   No
  • Other Packages:   Yes

Targeted Platforms:

Non-Commercial version --- Linux86 only. Commercial version --- SVR4/Unixware, SCO, Solaris (86+Sparc), AIX (powerPC), HP UX, DIGITAL Unix, Lynx OS, Sun OS, Linux86. A partial version exists for Windows 3 with Hummingbird X11 server and another will be developped shortly for Win NT, still with Hummingbird X11 eXceed server.

Software/Hardware Requirements:

X11. Commercial version requires a Motif licence if dynamic libraries are used. Non commercial version doen't because Motif is statically linked with SNAPIX.

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