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Amulet (Automatic Manufacture of Usable and Learnable Editors and Toolkits) is a user interface development environment for C++ and is portable across X11, Microsoft Windows NT and 95 and the Macintosh. Amulet helps you create graphical, interactive user interfaces for your software. More than just another free virtual toolkit, Amulet includes many features specifically designed to make the creation of highly-interactive, graphical, direct manipulation user interfaces significantly easier, including a prototype-instance object model, constraints, high-level input handling including automatic undo, animation, and a full set of widgets.

Current Version:   3.0

License Type:   In the Public Domain

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:   YES

Available Binary Packages:

You compile it yourself. All Unix and Linux systems supported.
Recommend gcc v2.6.8 or later.

Targeted Platforms:

Unix, Linux, Macintosh, Windows 95, Windows NT

Software/Hardware Requirements:


Other Links:
Available from the Amulet Home Page

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User Comments:

Lots of Pictures of Applications Created with Amulet

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