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This section lists some computer graphics/images and signal processing software which do not fit in any other categories of "Computer Graphics, Images and Signals."

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Miscellaneous Software   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

ABACUS [CM] -- a block based software for real time process control.
Aglaophone [GPL] -- a modular system for the real-time processing and analysis of sound.
AIR -- automated registration of 2/3D images within and across subjects and within and sometimes across imaging modalities.
AFML -- a language for modeling the structural and semantic aspects of real world.
Allpha -- computes various multifractal spectra of 1D and 2D signals.
NEW Boost Graph Library -- a collection of graph algorithms and data structures in the style of STL.
Cameleo [CM] -- professional image acquisition, processing, retouching, RIPing and lay-out.
CGAL -- a C++ software library of geometric data structures and algorithms.
Cinderella -- an interactive geometry software written in Java.
Computational Tomography [GPL] -- CT images reconstruction.
CSOUND -- sound and music synthesys and analysis software.
CTSim [GPL] -- a computerized Tomography simulator.
Dexter [GPL] -- interactively or semi-automatically extract data from scanned graphs.
DigiTemp [GPL] -- a simple to use interface to DS1820 digital temperature sensor.
DIRT [GPL] -- dynamically render images on the server side of a web site.
Dlxlab -- a simulation and real time execution environment for control system experiments.
Dr Geo [GPL] -- construction of interactive geometric figures.
Dr Genius [GPL] -- geometry exploration and numeric intuitive user system.
DSP/Veclib [CM] -- Pentium optimized digital signal processing library.
Egon Animator [GPL] -- an X-based animation development tool for Unix.
EPIC/EPWIC -- experimental image compression coder and decoder.
f/Calc [GPL] -- a utility for photographers that calculates optical formula.
Freedom VR [GPL] -- a Java applet for image navigations.
g3data [GPL] -- extracting data from graphs.
Gato [GPL] -- a software which visualizes algorithms on graphs.
Genghis -- graphics simulation software.
GeometryID -- a new method of system identification (ID) based on geometry.
Gepetto [GPL] -- an animation studio to animate characters.
GGCL -- a collection of graph algorithms and data structures in the style of STL.
gPhoto [GPL] -- a digital camera utility.
gps3d -- a set of utilities that lets you manipulate your GPS.
Graphico [GPL] -- 3D graphics application programming interface (API).
Grdig -- read the coordinates of data points from a linear or logscaled graph.
NEW Greenstone Digital Library [GPL] -- software suite to server/build digital library collections.
gRMA [GPL] -- a graphical tool for Rate Monotonic Analysis.
GTL -- a graph library based on STL.
JXSpectrum [GPL] -- a spectrum analyzer based on XSpectrum.
hpscanpbm [GPL] -- user-level SCSI driver for HP Scanjet II series scanners for image scanning.
IUE -- software environment for performing advanced research in image understanding.
KOSIMA -- program for the design and animation of regular tilings.
Lab-3D -- implementation, testing and comparing various graphics algorithms.
LibVRML97 -- a toolkit for incorporating VRML into applications.
Linux Lab Project (LLP) -- data aquisition, process control, laboratory automation.
Mandel Ultimativ [GPL] -- a fractal generator for the KDE environment.
MAVERIK [GPL] -- managing display and interaction in virtual reality applications.
Mirage -- a virtual reality toolkit descended from VR386.
MiXViews -- editing, processing, and analyzing tool for digitized sounds.
MMach -- Khoros toolkbox on mathematical morphology.
Montage -- a serial-reconstruction package that reconstructs serial data in 3 dimensions.
MTM -- multi-taper spectral analysis methods in ANSI-C.
nauty -- efficient C procedures for determining the automorphism group of a vertex-colored graph.
ObjectProDSP [GPL] -- tool for digital signal processing design development and implementation.
Obliq-3D -- a high-level, fast-turnaround 3D animation system.
ooMPEG -- a reentrant multi-threaded MPEG decoder written in C++.
Obsidian -- an open source 3D virtual world for Linux and OpenGL.
OutGuess -- a universal steganographic tool.
paintlib -- a C++ class library for image file decoding and manipulation.
Pixel!FX [CM] -- a family of integrated imaging and scanning products for UNIX.
POLKA -- a system for building animations of programs, algorithms and (parallel) computations.
polyr -- a program to make polygons from a volume.
QccPack [GPL] -- quantization, compression, and coding library.
QSlim [GPL] -- surface simplification software.
NEW SIDB [GPL] -- a web-driven database for images.
SigLab -- a calculator designed for working on signals.
SigLib DSP Library [CM] -- DSP, Signal and image processing software and libraries.
Rumbaugh OO Drawing -- aconstructor of Rumbaugh OO Diagrams.
TwinLib [GPL] -- a small but useful c++ library for graphic programming.
RasterMaster [CM] -- cross platform imaging SDKS and toolkits.
RenderPark -- a photorealistic rendering tool.
RRD Tool [GPL] -- a system to store and display time-series data.
SANE [GPL] -- provides standardized access to any raster image scanner hardware.
ShellyLib [SR] -- Portable generator of sea shell or snail like shapes.
siggen [GPL] -- use Linux box as a laboratory signal generator.
Simplification Envelopes -- takes a mesh and constructs a new, simpler mesh.
Skeletonization Software -- computes Euclidean skeletons from 2-D binary images or contour data.
Spectrum Analyzer for SVGA and X [GPL] -- samples data from a soundcard, performs an FFT on it, and plots the result in real time.
SPM -- statistical parametric mapping software.
Stereo [GPL] -- a stereo-photometrology package.
STEREO-SCOPIC EDITOR [GPL] -- a stereo-scopic editor useful for 3D graphs and meshes of triangles.
STRIPE -- converts a polygonal model into triangle strips.
TargetJr -- an extensive image understanding framework.
Terraform [GPL] -- a height field manipulation program.
TINA -- algorithm development libraries for vision algorithm development and evaluation.
TkSM -- an OpenGL based 3D modeling extension for Tcl/Tk.
ViNE -- control, experiment execution, and data retrieval, storage, and manipulation.
Visibility Graph Exploring Tool -- enter a simple polygon and display its visibility graph.
VisPak/OrthoPak/ArrangePak -- various software of helping research in computer graphics.
VLE -- a virtual reality toolkit.
VuSystem -- a programming system for the dynamic manipulation of temporally sensitive data.
Wavelet Image Compression Construction Kit -- wavelet transform-based image coder for grayscale images.
World Construction Set [CM] -- creates photorealistic images and animations, from close-ups to entire planets.
NEW WorldToolKit [CM] -- cross-platform real-time 3D development tool.
X/RTA -- real time analyzer for the X window system.
XFracky -- a simple multithreaded Tcl/Tk 8.0 based application for rendering fractals.
XHoughtool -- efficiency measuring and visualization of the Hough Transformation and its variants for line detection.
xmad/xmana [GPL] -- data acquisition and analyzing programs.
xoscope [GPL] -- xoscope (or oscope) is a digital oscilloscope for Linux.
XPortShot RT -- an oscilloscope simulator, capable of displaying multiple data channels.
Xscanner -- an X-windows scan program based on Xforms.
XSpectrum [GPL] -- powerful real-time spectrum analyzer.
XSurface [GPL] -- design and viewing of 3D smooth surfaces using multiple Bezier patches.
XTACY [GPL] -- Xtacy displays bouncing shapes, rotating palettes, a couple fractals, a kaleidascope.
XVScan [CM] -- adds scanning capability with HP ScanJet scanners to XV.
XWPL -- examine one-dimensional real-valued signals using wavelets and wavelet packets.

Also Check Out:
frame_integrate -- programs for viewing/integrating 2D x-ray or neutron diffraction images.
GIZMO -- a 3D scene graph toolkit.
Light Speed! -- simulation of special relativity on the appearance of moving objects.
SHAPES [CM] -- a tool that uniquely satisfies the geometry requirements of applications that span many industries.
WAILI -- a wavelet transform library which includes some basic image processing operations.
xcosm -- removing out-of-focus light in 3-D volumes collected plane by plane.

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