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Message-passing programming is essential to distributed memory parallel systems. Communication libraries provide pre-built functionalities of inter-process communication (IPC) within a processor or across the network. Most non-propriatary communication libraries are built on top of UNIX RPC (remote procedure call) to access lower level TCP and UDP layers of services.
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Communication Libraries   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

Adsmith -- an object-based distributed shared memory system on PVM.
Berkeley VIA -- a high-performance implementation of the Virtual Interface Architecture.
BSPlib -- programming library based on the BSP model.
Counterpoint -- a set of software modules for use in writing parallel programs.
CVM -- a distributed shared memory (DSM) software system.
DIPC [GPL] -- distributed inter-process communication for parallel programming.
Global Arrays -- provides shared-memory programming interface for distributed-memory computers.
GAMMA -- an efficient communication software for message passing.
GNU Pth [GPL] -- a very portable POSIX/ANSI-C based thread library.
Hood -- a threads library for multiprogrammed multiprocessors.
II -- a distributed system framework that is implemented in Java.
JIAJIA -- a software distributed shared memory system.
The LinuxThreads library [GPL] -- an implementation of the Posix 1003.1c thread package for Linux in kernel-level.
M-VIA -- a high performance modular VIA for Linux.
MagPIe -- a library of MPI collective communication operations optimized for WAN.
MM -- an abstraction library to simplify the usage of shared memory.
MP -- protocol for the efficient exchange of mathematical data
MPI -- library specification for message-passing.

CHIMP -- a MPI implementation.
LAM -- a MPI implementation for heterogeneous computers on network.
MPICH -- a portable implementation of MPI.
mpiJava -- an object-oriented Java interface to MPI.
ObjectThread [GPL] -- a C++ toolkit for writing multithreaded code.
OOMPI -- class library specification that encapsulates MPI into C++.
MPI-2 C++ -- implementation of C++ bindings for MPI.
Nexus -- a multithreaded communication library.
NEW p4 -- parallel programming library consists of macros and subroutines.

Para++ -- C++ bindings to message passing library.
POSIX and DCE threads for Linux -- a multithreading library for Linux-based Intel systems based on POSIX standard.
PM2 HIGH-PERF -- a portable multithreaded environment for highly parallel applications.
Pthreads -- a POSIX thread standard implementation.

PMPthreads -- Pthread with many patches.
PVM -- software for heterogeneous collection of Unix
Perl-PVM -- perl extension for PVM.
T3D-pvm-emu -- emulating PVM on CRI T3D MPP systems.
QpThread [GPL] -- OO framework for threads and Unix signals on top of system level threads.
Quarks -- a portable distributed shared memory system.
Phosphorus -- a DSM system on top of PVM.
ROMIO -- a high-performance, portable implementation of MPI-IO.
RT++ [GPL] -- a software package that provides higher-order threads in C++.
Sciddle -- a communication environment which uses RPCs within the PVM environment.
SIMPL -- simple Send/Receive/Reply messaging scheme for Linux.
SVMlib -- an emulation library of shared memory in a distributed memory environment.
Threads [GPL] -- a C++ threads package.
TOOPS -- tool for object-oriented protocol simulation.
TreadMarks [CM] -- parallel computing on networks of workstations.
WARPED -- a Time Warp simulation kernel written in C++.
NEW ZThread [GPL] -- a platform-independent object-oriented threading architecture.

Also Check Out:
BIP -- small API for Myrinet network to achieve high performance communication.
Common C++ [GPL] -- portable support for threading, sockets, file access, deamons, persistance, and system services.
HPVM -- communication layers, resource management, and Java-based front end for cluster access.

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