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Adsmith is an object-based DSM (Distributed Shared Memory), which is built completely on top of PVM. It presents to the programmers as a user-level library in C++. The primary goal of Adsmith is to provide a low-cost, portable, and efficient DSM for networks of workstations (NOW). Adsmith provides primitives to create and allocate shared objects, accesses to shared objects, and operations to synchronize among processes. Adsmith also incorporates many techniques to optimize its performance, including supports for release memory consistency model, different coherence protocols, load/store-style memory accesses, object-based multiple writer protocol, bulk transfer, prefetch, nonblocking store, and other specialized accesses, etc.

Current Version:   1.8.0c

License Type:   ??

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  • Debian Package: No
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Tested on SunOS 4.1.3 (Sun4), G++ 2.6.3; Linux 2.0.24 (Pentium), G++ 2.7.2p

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