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Pthreads stands for POSIX threads and is based on the POSIX 1003.1c 1995 thread standard.

Current Version:   1_60 beta6

License Type:   ??

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Available Binary Packages:

  • Debian Package: No
  • RedHat RPM Package: No
  • Other Packages: No

Targeted Platforms:

i386 processor running NetBSD-1.x, FreeBSD-2.x, BSDOS-2.0, Linux-1.2 and Linux-1.3; the r2000 (DECstation) running Ultrix-4.2; the Sparc running NetBSD-1.x, SunOS-4.1.3, Solaris-2.3, and Solaris-2.4; the alpha running OSF-2.3 and OSF-3.x; the SGI running IRIX-5.2; and the HPPA running HP/UX-9.x.

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