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MPI-2 C++

This package is an implementation of the official C++ bindings for MPI 1.2, as specified in the MPI 2.0 standard. This package is a thin C++ layer on top of most any existing MPI C implementation. It also comes with an extensive test suite that tests every function and object in its library (which also tests the underlying MPI fairly well).

Current Version:   1.0.3

License Type:   free

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:


Available Binary Packages:

  • Debian Package: No
  • RedHat RPM Package: No
  • Other Packages: No

Targeted Platforms:

Hardware        Operating System        Compilers       MPI Implementations
=============== ======================= =============== ======================
Sun SPARC       Solaris 2.5.1           Workshop CC     LAM 6.1, LAM 6.2
                Solaris 2.6             v4.2,           MPICH 1.1.2
                                        g++ v2.7.2,
                                        g++ v2.8.1,
                                        KCC 3.3c 
--------------- ----------------------- --------------- ----------------------
SGI             IRIX 6.4                CC v7.2.1.1     Native v3.1.1.0,
                                                        LAM 6.1, LAM 6.2
                                                        MPICH 1.1.2
--------------- ----------------------- --------------- ----------------------
IBM RS/6000     AIX 4.1.2, AIX 4.1.4    xlC v3.1.4.7    Native POE v2.1.0.18,
and SP                                  g++ v2.8.1      LAM 6.1, LAM 6.2
                                                        MPICH 1.1.2
--------------- ----------------------- --------------- ----------------------
HP              HP-UX 11.00             aCC X.03.11.10  Native v1.5
                                                        LAM 6.1, LAM 6.2
                                                        MPICH 1.1.2
--------------- ----------------------- --------------- ----------------------
Intel x86       Linux 2.0.36            g++ v2.8.1      MPICH 1.1.2, LAM 6.2
--------------- ----------------------- --------------- ---------------------- 

Software/Hardware Requirements:

An underlying C MPI implementation, such as LAM, MPICH, CHIP, or a vendor-supplied MPI (tested with SGI, HP, and IBM implementations). However, most underlying MPI implementations will probably work without too many changes.

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