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Items Added in November/December, 2000:

PUMA -- a simple Global Circulation Model in FORTRAN-90.[2000/12/05]
db4o -- a database for objects based on Java.[2000/12/05]
MathPlanner [GPL] -- a mathematical design tool.[2000/12/05]
GDE -- a set of programs for multiple sequence alignment and analysis.[2000/12/05]
Open Image Library [GPL] -- cross-platform image library to manipulate and display a variety of images.[2000/12/05]
AniTMT [GPL] -- a flexible application to create photorealistic films.[2000/12/05]
JavaView -- a 3D geometry viewer and numerical software library Java.[2000/12/05]
DNA/GUI -- GUI for quantitative imaging and analysis of electrophoretic gels and autoradiograms.[2000/12/05]
PLab -- a simple interface for parallelizing Matlab computations.[2000/12/05]
ScriptBasic [GPL] -- cross-platform BASIC scripting language.[2000/12/05]
KavaChart [CM] -- collection of Java applets/beans/libraries and imaging tools for data visualization.[2000/12/05]
The Polynomial Toolbox [CM] -- a MATLAB toolbox for polynomials, polynomial matrices and their applications.[2000/12/05]
Scicos -- a dynamic systems modeler and simulator.[2000/12/05]
BORG -- a network rendering system for BMRT with GUI.[2000/12/05]
cnet -- a network simulator to experiment with data-link/network/routing/transport layers.[2000/12/05]
LinAl [GPL] -- a simple, easy to use and efficient C++ linear algebra library.[2000/12/05]
mmcalc [GPL] -- a console-based, modular scientific calculator.[2000/12/05]
SME [GPL] -- ingetrated environment for high performance spatial modeling.[2000/12/05]
flow -- a particle animation application.[2000/12/05]
SNI -- tools for interacting and exchanging data between different simulation programs.[2000/12/05]
MaTX -- a high-performance programming language for numerical and symbolic computation.[2000/12/05]
WIIS [CM] -- weather image information system.[2000/12/05]
Noptec Vector [GPL] -- an implementation of a bitmap vectorizing algorithm.[2000/12/05]
Linux for Biotechnology [GPL] -- Biotechnology related software pre-compiled for Linux.[2000/12/05]
CastCAE [CM] -- a finite element based tool for casting simulation.[2000/11/17]
EASY-99 -- calculating response of materials irradiated in a neutron flux.[2000/11/17]
Pnuts -- a scripting language totally written in Java.[2000/11/17]
ZThread [GPL] -- a platform-independent object-oriented threading architecture.[2000/11/17]
COIN -- common optimization interface for operations research.[2000/11/17]
PERCobol [CM] -- COBOL compiler bridging COBOL and Java technology.[2000/11/17]
HASAS -- a modular system for passive sonar signal analysis.[2000/11/17]
MacroModel [CM] -- construction of chemical structures and application of molecular mechanics/dynamics.[2000/11/17]
NURBS Toolbox [GPL] -- routines for the creation, and manipulation of NURBS.[2000/11/17]
JPlot [GPL] -- an easy-to-use, visual plotting program written in Java.[2000/11/17]
e3 [GPL] -- a full-screen user-friendly text editor similar to Wordstar.[2000/11/17]
BOOLE -- converts a CSG model into boundary representation form.[2000/11/17]
Grapher Library -- a C++ library for writing OO code to create scientific graphics.[2000/11/17]
TimingAnalyzer -- draw timing diagrams and check for timing problems in digital systems.[2000/11/17]
pRTI [CM] -- connect different simulation systems according to HLA.[2000/11/17]
SCore Cluster System -- a high-performance parallel programming environment for clusters.[2000/11/17]
Icarus Verilog [GPL] -- a Verilog simulation and synthesis tool.[2000/11/17]
GENSPECT -- spectral toolbox for calculating spectral properties of gases.[2000/11/17]
WorldToolKit [CM] -- cross-platform real-time 3D development tool.[2000/11/17]
Crosstalk Analizer -- a CAD tool for extraction/detection of Crosstalk in VLSI/ULSI submicronic circuits.[2000/11/17]
FE software for electromagnetics [CM] -- finite-element electromagnetic applications.[2000/11/17]
meditor [GPL] -- a text editor with some symbolic computation capabilities.[2000/11/17]
spoke [GPL] -- a library of javabeans components for signal processing.[2000/11/17]
XMakemol [GPL] -- a program for viewing and manipulating atomic/molecular systems.[2000/11/17]
Retro [GPL] -- designing synchronous hardware systems on register-transfer level.[2000/11/17]
PING [GPL] -- a C library of useful functions that simplify systems software development.[2000/11/17]
HbFree -- simulation of radio frequency and microwave analog non-autonomous circuits.[2000/11/17]
L Math PRocessor [GPL] -- an extension of FSF tool expr.[2000/11/17]
P-Suite [GPL] -- collection of scientific programs that run in parallel using MPI.[2000/11/17]
CAEL [GPL] -- runs a cellular automata simulation with a set of rules.[2000/11/17]
Kivio [GPL] -- a flowcharting software for KDE.[2000/11/17]
Wing IDE -- an integrated development environment for the Python.[2000/11/17]
Flounder [GPL] -- visualize regularly spaced 4D data.[2000/11/17]
Greenstone Digital Library [GPL] -- software suite to server/build digital library collections.[2000/11/17]
GGG -- FORTRAN graphics library for creation of PostScript files.[2000/11/17]
Gravitational Particle Simulator[GPL] -- simulation of gravitational laws of motion.[2000/11/17]
Gnutrition [GPL] -- nutritional analysis software for GNOME.[2000/11/17]
wxDesigner [CM] -- dialog editor and RAD tool for wxWindows GUI library.[2000/11/17]
FEMLAB [CM] -- simulation package solving nonlinear PDEs with finite element method.[2000/11/17]
WideStudio -- an IDE for for building windowed event driven applications.[2000/11/17]
matgen [GPL] -- a command line matrix generator.[2000/11/17]
TACO [GPL] -- a toolkit for building object-oriented control systems.[2000/11/17]
Phoenix Object Basic [SR] -- object-oriented RAD tool with Visual Basic interface.[2000/11/17]
3Delight -- a fast RenderMan compatible renderer.[2000/11/17]
ZVView -- interactive plotting of reactions cross sections.[2000/11/17]
KOJAC [GPL] -- a set of Java classes implementing optical elements and optics laws.[2000/11/17]
nvi -- a VI clone with many additional features.[2000/11/17]
elastiC -- a portable high-level OO interpreted language with a C like syntax.[2000/11/17]
Motor [GPL] -- a text mode integrated programming environment.[2000/11/17]
SVGA Cellular Automata Program [GPL].[2000/11/17]
Alloy -- an object modelling notation and a tool for analyzing the model.[2000/11/17]
SATCAD [GPL] -- utilities for schematic capture, pcb design and tooling.[2000/11/17]
Calibre [CM] -- physical verification of complex chip designs at deep submicron levels.[2000/11/17]
IC Station [CM] -- suite of tools to handle the physical layout of IC designs.[2000/11/17]
BioJava [GPL] -- providing Java tools for processing biological data.[2000/11/17]
makepp -- a drop-in replacement with more reliable builds and simpler makefiles.[2000/11/17]
Cincom VisualWorks [CM] -- a robust cross-platform Smalltalk development environment.[2000/11/17]
Matpack [GPL] -- a C++ numerics and graphics library.[2000/11/17]
FCLUSTER -- a tool for fuzzy cluster analysis.[2000/11/17]
gdis [GPL] -- a GTK based program for visualizing molecules and periodic systems.[2000/11/17]
GULP -- simulation on 3D periodic solids, gas phase clusters and isolated defects in a bulk material.[2000/11/17]
GtkChemkin [GPL] -- handles save-files written by the chemkin program.[2000/11/17]

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