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Technical drawing is a very important application of computers. In many professional disciplines, engineering drawing or blue-prints are used to detail the design and exchage information. On the otherhand, technical reports and technical publications require illustrations and other graphics formats to express complicated ideas and display data. In this section, many excellent software packages are available to Linux users. Always remember, "One Picture is Worth of a Thousand Words."

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CAD, Drawing & Painting Tools   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

3Dshare [CM] -- Intranet-based CAD file translation and repair solution.
AGD -- LEDA-based C++ library for automatic graph drawing.
aiSee -- calculates a customizable layout of graphs specified in GDL.
angela! [GPL] -- a mouse-driven editor to help you creating graphs.
AOCP -- enhanced version of Deluxe Paint IIe v3.0.
ARCAD 3D [CM] -- a powerful CAAD program focused on 3D.
Artstream [CM] -- a full featured vector illustration and page layout system for scalable output.
bomb [GPL] -- an interactive graphics program.
CADDA [CM] -- 2/3D Engineering CAD/CAM software for toolmaking, mouldmaking and mechanical engineering.
CAM Expert [CM] -- CAD / CAM System for engraving and LASER cutting.
Canvas [CM] -- vector drawing, technical illustration, image editing, etc. in one application.
CEDRAT's Software [CM] -- a complete line of CAD programs for electromechanical and thermal engineering.
CYCAS [CM] -- an architectural software for drafting and design in 2/3D.
Dia [GPL] -- gtk+ based drawing program similar to 'Visio' on MS-Windows.
Dive -- a internet-based multi-user virtual reality system.
draw-call-graph [GPL] -- transforms a call graph in text form into postscript or LaTeX source file.
Drawing editors based on ivtools -- extensions to InterViews and its drawing editor (idraw).
Drawtool [GPL] -- read in simple vector geometry from stdin and displays it in a gtk window.
EMA-XPS [GPL] -- a hybrid graphic expert system shell.
EnvDraw -- an environment diagramming package.
ffGraph [GPL] -- a C++ class library to create, manipulate and display 2 or 3 dimensional directed graphs.
Freedom*Of*Choice*CAD (LinuxCAD) [CM] -- AutoCAD like Computer Aided design tool.
FREEdraft [GPL] -- a simple 2D mechanical cad system.
gCAD [GPL] -- a new and simple 2D CAD program for GNOME.
GEF -- a Java library for developing connected graph user interfaces.
Gfig -- a "vector like" drawing plug-in for the gimp.
GIGVIZ [CM] -- 3D design visualization software for designers, engineers, architects and CAD users.
GILT [GPL] -- a text oriented vector drawing program.
The GIMP [GPL] -- a Ph*t*Shop-alike photo-editing, painting, and image manipulation package.
Ginger (under development) -- an interactive graph editor.
Graph Applet -- a basic tool for playing around with graphs.
Graphtool [GPL] -- create several types of graphs, data representations and equations.
Graph Layout Toolkit [CM] -- customizable graph layout technology to application developers.
GraphEd -- graph editor with support for graph grammars.
Graphlet -- a toolkit for implementing graph editors and graph drawing algorithms.
graphviz -- tools for viewing and interacting with graph diagrams.
GTKFIG -- a figure/scheme drawing tool.
GTool [GPL] -- a program to draw and analyze graphs.
GYVE [GPL] -- a project to develop a drawing program in the spirit of Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.
Hydra -- distributed multi-user computer aided physics and engineering package.
Interactive Graph Drawing -- a Java-based system for doing interactive graph drawing on the WWW.
IPAD [SR] -- an interactive GUI vector drawing package based on a multiplatform tool.
Ipe -- a drawing editor for creating figures for LaTeX documents.
ICAADS CAD Systems [CM] -- a set of high-end software for CAD and AEC applications.
NEW JCad [GPL] -- a smart 2D CAD application written completely in Java.
jsplot -- an interactive drawing and charting tool.
KIllustrator [GPL] -- a vector-based drawing application for KDE.
LDS Draw -- a Logical Data Structure (LDS) editor.
LeoCAD [GPL] -- a CAD application that uses plastic building bricks.
ME10 [CM] -- a professional 2D drafting package for CAD applications.
METAGRAF-3D [GPL] -- a graphical editor for creating figures in MetaPost.
MicroStation 95 [CM] -- professional software for enterprise-scale engineering projects.
The NELSIS CAD Framework -- enables tool integrators to build design engineering environments.
oCADis [GPL] -- 2D CAD system using GTK.
OCTREE -- a drawing, modelling, and visualisation package focused on architecture.
OpenJGraph [GPL] -- Java graph and graph drawing library.
PadDraw -- a zoomable drawing application written using the Pad++ widget.
Picasso -- an interactive drawing tool based on Tcl/Tk.
PIGALE -- a graph editor and algorithm library concerned with planar graphs.
PO [SR] -- Linux svgalib painting program.
QCad [GPL] -- a powerful and easy to use CAD program using DXF as standard file format.
Quadrant Draw [GPL] -- an object-oriented drawing utility.
Robochart [CM] -- draws all types of flow diagrams with fast and easy operation.
SISCAD-P [CM] -- 2D CAD system for engineers.
Sketch [GPL] -- an interactive drawing program for Linux.
Slidedraw [GPL] -- a drawing program in Tcl/Tk for presentation slides.
Sodipodi [GPL] -- a small Vector based drawing program.
SolidWorks Java Viewer -- view native SolidWorks. parts, drawings, and assembly files.
TCM [GPL] -- a suite of graphical editors.

TCMJava -- a suite of specification editors for TCM.
Tgif -- interactive 2D drawing facility.
tkdraw -- a very simple drawing tool.
Tkpaint -- a vector drawing and graphics program based on Tcl/Tk.
VariCAD [CM] -- a mechanical engineering CAD system.
Varimetrix [CM] -- a suite of CAD/CAM/CAE software modules for the design and manufacture of complex mechanical components and assemblies.
VCG TOOL -- reads a textual specification of a graph and visualizes the graph.
VGJ [GPL] -- a tool for graph drawing and graph layout written in Java.
VRMLplot.m -- a MATLAB macro for generating 3D VRML graphs and animations.
Unidraw -- a C++ class library for 2D structured graphics, dataflow, etc.
Xfig -- a tool that allows user to manipulate objects interactively.
XPaint -- simple color image editing tool.
XTrkCad [CM] -- a computer aided layout design program for model railroaders.
YADE [GPL] -- an extensible and configurable program for editing different kinds of diagrams.

Also Check Out:
Argo/UML -- an object-oriented design tool with cognitive support.
daVinci -- an interactive graph visualiztion system.
SvLis -- a C++ and set-theoretic kernel geometric modeller.
VARKON -- open general purpose interactive modeling system.

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