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SISCAD-P is a new innovative 2D-CAD system that gives engineers a production implementation of new design technologies - parametrics, variational geometry, inference sketching, a fully customizable user interface, constraint-based modeling and feature-based modeling. SISCAD-P dramatically reduces the product design cycle times. Parametric design captures design intent and allows you to build dimension-driven geometry with geometric constraints such as tangency, parallelism and colinearity. Intelligent menus and processes enable you to perform operations with the smallest possible number of "working" steps with little or even no keyboard entries. Constraint-based modeling allows you to perform "what-if" analysis to get the best design solutions. Feature-based modeling allows you to include standard design elements in your model and eliminates traditional, time-consuming modeling operations. All these new techniques are the result of a relational, object-oriented data structure as a basic concept of SISCAD--P. Ask support@SIS.Staedtler.DE for information of the full version.

Current Version:   2.0.0

License Type:   Commercial

Home Site: (broken links, anybody knows where it is now?)

Source Code Availability:   ??

Available Binary Packages:

  • Debian Package:   ??
  • RedHat RPM Package:   ??
  • Other Packages:   ??

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User Comments:

  • Their software department does not exist any more and they can't deliver SISCAD-P 2.0.

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