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Miscellaneous Software   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

Acalc [GPL] -- a console-based calculator capable of adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing.
ARIBAS [GPL] -- an interactive interpreter for big integer and multi-precision floating point arithmetic.
bc [GPL] -- calculator with arbitrary precision numeric processing language.

GNUBC PROGRAMS -- a set of programs for bc.
Calc [GPL] -- arbitrary precision calculator.
CALC -- calculator program for doing arbitrary precision integer arithmetic.
Calculator [GPL] -- simple command line calculator.
CCalc [GPL] -- formula parsing library & command-line calculator.
CMAT -- an exact arithmetic matrix calculator program.
crw [GPL] -- an easy to learn, easy to use, command line oriented calculator.
NEW Cxc [GPL] -- a console calculator that works like a TI-83.
equate [GPL] -- simple command line calculator with precision output.
gdcalc [GPL] -- a GTK+-based Reverse Polish Notation calculator.
Genius Calculator [GPL] -- an arbitrary precision calculator for Gnome project.
gexpr [GPL] -- a shell calculator which is an extension of expr(1).
Gnorponocal [GPL] -- full-featured keyboard based RPN calculator.
GNU Calc [GPL] -- an advanced calculator that runs as part of the GNU Emacs environment.
GRPN [GPL] -- a graphical reverse polish notation calculator.
GXCalc [GPL] -- a programmable calculator with GTK+ interface for X.
hp67 [GPL] -- a programmable scientific calculator emulating the HP-67.
Isaac -- scientific calculator and programming language.
JAVA-CALC -- a RPN type scientific calculator written in JavaScript.
Java based calculator -- a simple calculator in Java applet.
JavaCalc -- a simple Java Calculator written in swing.
Lcalc [GPL] -- a simple 4-operation calculator for Linux.
NEW L Math PRocessor [GPL] -- an extension of FSF tool expr.
Math [GPL] -- intended to speed up tasks normally done with calculators or by hand.
NEW mmcalc [GPL] -- a console-based, modular scientific calculator.
Motif Calculator -- X11/Motif calculator with scientific and programming functions.
MPC -- a multi-precision algebraic calculator.
MoCalc -- a simple calculator written entirely in Tcl/Tk.
NEW Nickle -- a desk calculator language with powerful programming and scripting capabilities.
QuickCalc [GPL] -- an interactive calculator equivalent to a TI-30ish.
NEW Rascal [GPL] -- a platform-independent and advanced scientific modular calculator.
rcalc [GPL] -- a fast and light symbolic calculator for GNOME.
rpc [GPL] -- a fast full-screen console-based RPN calculator.
SNAC [GPL] -- a simple numeric algebraic calculator for GNOME.
THX-1138 -- an approximation to electronic paper which evaluates expressions, plots functions.
Xforms Calculator [GPL] -- a programmable scientific GUI calculator for X based on XForms.
ycalc -- an X-window calculator which is heavily influenced by TI-59.

Function Plotter/Mathematical Visualization:
3-D Function Builder -- a Java applet for plotting surface in 3 dimensions.
Fnord -- mathematical visualization with functional and collection oriented language.
fofx [GPL] -- function grapher for character-cell terminals.
GNOME Plotter [GPL] -- graphing calculator that can display equations given in Fortran.
GRAPE -- a package for mathematical visualization.
GtkGraph [GPL] -- an application designed to replace a conventional graphing calculator.
gyapp [GPL] -- a mathematical function plotting program with simulation.
Function Plotter -- Java applet for polar and cartesian plots for math function.
jot -- an easy-to-use f(x) function plotter supporting multiple plots.
geg [GPL] -- a GTK+ based simple equation grapher.
Grapher-3D -- Viewing 3D surfaces plot of two variable functions.
KNOT [GPL] -- a graphical tool for knot theory/topology.
Java Microscope -- produces vector field and performs simulations.
kmplot [GPL] -- mathematical function plotter for KDE.
Kplot3d [GPL] -- a tool for plotting 3D functions of two variables.
ksciplot [GPL] -- a function plotter for the KDE project.
mathplot [GPL] -- interactive function grapher for equations and inequations.
MGrapher -- a program draws up to two math expressions.
PGPA [GPL] -- small graphing application for a function of one variable and many parameters.
Possum [GPL] -- a tool for manipulation and visualisation of partially ordered sets (posets) and domains.
RICHplot -- a Java applet program to plot trigonometric functions.
Spirograph -- a Java applet for creating/viewing spirograph.
surf [GPL] -- a tool to visualize algebraic curves and algebraic surfaces.
Surface Plotter -- a Java applet plotting surface of a user supplied two variable function.
Xphased -- a simple X-windows phase plane plotter.

Albert -- research tool to assist the study of nonassociative algebra.
AMPL [CM] -- a modeling language for mathematical programming.
anton [GPL] -- an arithmetical game.
ASCEND [GPL] -- an OO mathematical modeling environment and a mathematical modeling language.
AUTO -- continuation and bifurcation software for ODE.
Cheng-Pleijel Point of a Quadrangle -- a Java applet to play with Cheng-Pleijel point.
Chaos analysis software -- a suite of programs for chaos analysis.
CinnaMoney [CM] -- is a financial class library to manage mathematics with money.
CirclePack -- creation, display, manipulation, and storage of circle packings.
DISCRETA -- construction of t-designs with prescribed group of automorphisms.
DYNAMICAL DATA DETERMINISM DETECTOR -- a program allows time-series prediction.
E [GPL] -- a purely equational theorem prover for clausal logic.
ehrhart -- polynomials and parametric vertices program.
GENREG -- computation/construction of regular graphs.
gTuring [GPL] -- a simple turing machine simulator.
Surface Evolver -- modeling liquid surfaces shaped by various forces.
Fudgit -- data manipulation, fitting, spline.
G Arith [GPL] -- an arithmetic test/game for X11.
Ginkgo [GPL] -- a math package/graphing program.
IMPS -- an interactive mathematical proof system.
Knotscape -- provides convenient access to tables of knots.
LEDA -- a library of efficient datatypes and algorithms.
LINK -- a software system for discrete mathematics.
LOLA -- a software system in location planning.
LUCY -- a Clifford algebra approach to Spinor calculus.
magnum [GPL] -- a C++ library of fast factorisation algorithms for univariate polynomials.
Magnus -- a software to explore infinite groups and carry out experiments with them.
NEW MathPlanner [GPL] -- a mathematical design tool.
Mathutils [GPL] -- math utilities for stdin/stdout script programming.
Mtk [GPL] -- handy software for evaluation, differentiation, integration, root finding, graphing etc.
MVPoly -- a multi-variable polynomial algebra package in Perl.
Mx -- a combination of a matrix algebra interpreter and a numerical optimizer.
nnsort -- generating the Delaunay tesselation or convex hull in 2D or 3D.
Nuprl -- a mathematical proof development system.
Oorange -- a software framework for experimental mathematics.
OR-Objects -- a library of Java classes for developing Operation Research applications.
Otter -- system designed to prove theorems stated in first-order logic with equality.
PolyLib -- operates on objects made up of unions of polyhedra of any dimension.
prime -- a prime number generator.
Qhull -- a general dimension code for computing convex hulls, Delaunay triangulations, etc.
Sheafhom -- a set of programs for homological algebra and algebraic topology.
Symmetrica -- a collection of routines for group theory, etc.
TMath -- a Tcl interface to Matlab and Mathematica.
ZEN [GPL] -- toolbox for fast computations in finite extensions of finite rings.

Also Check Out:
ACL2 [GPL] -- programming language to model computer system and prove properties.
Cinderella -- an interactive geometry software written in Java.
Dr Genius [GPL] -- geometry exploration and numeric intuitive user system.
Gnuplot -- visualize mathematical functions and data.
SaGA [SR] -- Matlab toolbox for geometrical modeling and spatial data analysis.
UnitCalc -- a calculator which does all arithmetic with the numbers and the units.

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