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Items Added in May/June, 2000:

Nast++ -- a C++ framework for solving Navier-Stokes equations with complex geometries.[2000/06/16]
gdpc [GPL] -- a program for visualising molecular dynamic simulations.[2000/06/16]
g3data [GPL] -- extracting data from graphs.[2000/06/16]
GGCL -- a collection of graph algorithms and data structures in the style of STL.[2000/06/16]
libneural [GPL] -- library for creating a three layer backpropagation neural network.[2000/06/16]
METAGRAF-3D [GPL] -- a graphical editor for creating figures in MetaPost.[2000/06/16]
Open Motif Everywhere -- ICS's distribution of Open Motif built from the official Open Group sources.[2000/06/16]
SGI Pro64 -- a suite of optimizing compiler development tools for Linux/Intel Itanium(TM) systems.[2000/06/16]
CodeBase [CM] -- a high-speed, xBASE compatible database engine for C/C++ programmers.[2000/06/16]
DNA -- fast numerical solution of ODE in Maple.[2000/06/16]
Mental Ray [CM] -- high-performance, photorealistic ray-tracing and scanline rendering software.[2000/06/16]
GXSM [CM] -- 2D data aquisitation and manipulation software, designed for STM/AFM/SPA-LEED.[2000/06/16]
SURV [GPL] -- calculates the Kaplan-Meier estimate and performs a Log-Rank test to compare survival of groups of patients defined by ordinal variables.[2000/06/16]
Q2 -- a chemometric toolbox.[2000/06/16]
Progress 8.3B for Linux [CM] -- RDBMS deployment to high scalable environments.[2000/06/16]
DBGUI -- complete X graphical database interface for Sybase.[2000/06/16]
Robochart [CM] -- draws all types of flow diagrams with fast and easy operation.[2000/06/16]
MOSCITO [GPL] -- molecular dynamics simulation of condensed phase systems.[2000/06/16]
KMovisto [GPL] -- a molecule viewer which reads GAUSSIAN files and exports POV-Ray scripts.[2000/06/16]
Spatial Statistics Toolbox -- Matlab toolbox to estimate large scale spatial autoregressions using maximum likelihood.[2000/06/16]
Spacestatpack -- Fortran 90 program to estimate large scale spatial autoregressions using maximum likelihood.[2000/06/16]
Econometrics Toolbox -- statistical estimation, graphics, and data manipulation.[2000/06/16]
Orderpack -- Fortran 90 code for general and specialized ordering problems.[2000/06/16]
DrMath [SR] -- online symbolic math and computer algebra system.[2000/06/16]
Kalamaris [GPL] -- mathematical package similar to Mathematica.[2000/06/16]
ALBERT -- an adaptive hierachical finite element toolbox.[2000/06/16]
pdelib -- collection of components for creating simulators based on PDE.[2000/06/16]
gltools -- an OpenGL based on-line graphics toolbox.[2000/06/16]
WIAS-TeSCA -- modelling and simulation of semiconductor components.[2000/06/16]
CAST3M -- a finite element compute code for the analysis of structures.[2000/06/16]
KLogic [GPL] -- a KDE application for easy building and simulating digital circuits.[2000/06/16]
KPov [GPL] -- a front end to POV-ray for KDE.[2000/06/16]
Perl Projector [GPL] -- a slide-presentation program written in Perl/Tk.[2000/06/16]
CompWork [SR] -- a framework for the TCL compiler suite.[2000/06/16]
EnSight [CM] -- powerful data analysis/visualization for scientists and computer-aided engineers.[2000/06/16]
BAYES-LIN [GPL] -- an object-oriented environment for Bayes linear local computation.[2000/06/16]
DIRT [GPL] -- dynamically render images on the server side of a web site.[2000/05/16]
chemeq [GPL] -- translate chemical equations to LaTeX code.[2000/05/16]
CTSim [GPL] -- a computerized Tomography simulator.[2000/05/16]
PenguMetrics [GPL] -- software collection for the operation of optical (UV/VIS/NIR) spectrometers.[2000/05/16]
gBioSeq -- a graphical multiple DNA sequence alignment editor.[2000/05/16]
GL4Java [GPL] -- maps complete OpenGL 1.2 API to Java.[2000/05/16]
SciGraphica [GPL] -- project to develop scientific plotting software similar to Microcal Origin.[2000/05/16]
OpenJGraph [GPL] -- Java graph and graph drawing library.[2000/05/16]
Nova [GPL] -- Integrated Observational Environment for astronomers.[2000/05/16]
OpenGL C++ Library [GPL] -- C++ class library for OpenGL.[2000/05/16]
GUL -- geometry utility library for interpolation and approximation with NURBS surfaces.[2000/05/16]
Graphite -- creation of scientific, engineering, and business graphs with Python.[2000/05/16]
Kemistry [GPL] -- a collection of chemistry-related applications for KDE.[2000/05/16]
Mech [GPL] -- reaction mechanism, molecular mechanics, and quantum mechanical chemistry modeling.[2000/05/16]
PDESim [GPL] -- a Monte Carlo partial differential equation solver.[2000/05/16]
NCO [GPL] -- a software suite to facilitate manipulation and analysis of netCDF or HDF files.[2000/05/16]
OpenRM [GPL] -- 2D/3D scene graph rendering engine layered atop OpenGL.[2000/05/16]
PyMOL -- a molecular graphics system with an embedded Python interpreter.[2000/05/16]
VASP Data Viewer [GPL] -- a 3D viewer for molecular charge distributions from VASP.[2000/05/16]
surf [GPL] -- a tool to visualize algebraic curves and algebraic surfaces.[2000/05/16]
SimSimSim [GPL] -- help write simulation-like programs, by taking care of issues of display, 3D rendering, control.[2000/05/16]
Chinese Morphological Analyzer [CM] -- accurate segmentation engine for search and retrieval of Chinese text.[2000/05/16]
xzgv [GPL] -- a picture viewer for X, with a thumbnail-based file selector.[2000/05/16]
XTL [GPL] -- a C++ library for reading/writing structured data to/from an external representation.[2000/05/16]
TkGate [GPL] -- an event-driven digital circuit simulator.[2000/05/16]
eclipse [GPL] -- a data reduction engine applicable to astronomical infrared instruments.[2000/05/16]
Common C++ [GPL] -- portable support for threading, sockets, file access, deamons, persistance, and system services.[2000/05/16]
VDK [GPL] -- an easy to use C++ wrapper of Gtk+ GUI library for X.[2000/05/16]
VDKBuilder [GPL] -- a Rapid Application Development tool based on VDK.[2000/05/16]
Win4Lin [CM] -- efficiently run MS-Windows applications on Linux.[2000/05/16]
g95 [GPL] -- a project to create a free, open source Fortran 95 compiler.[2000/05/16]
Wedit for Linux -- a full-featured IDE for Linux.[2000/05/16]

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