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CAST3M is a computer code for the analysis of structures by the finite element method. With the origin, this code was developed by the Department of Mechanics and Technology of the French Police station with Atomic Energy. The development of CAST3M enters within the framework of an activity of search in the field of mechanics; the goal being to define a high level instrument, being able to be used as support valid for the design, dimensioning and the analysis of structures and components, in the nuclear field as in the traditional industrial sector. Accordingly, CAST3M presents a complete system, integrating not only the functions of calculation themselves, but also of the functions of construction of the model (preprocessor) and of processing of the results (post-processor). CAST3M makes it possible to deal with problems of linear elasticity in the fields statics and dynamics (extraction of eigenvalues), of the thermal problems, the nonlinear problems (elasto-visco-plasticity), of the dynamic problems step by step, etc.

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