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Items Added in October, 1997:

Unix System Library for Fortran (libU77.a) -- an implementation of libU77.a on UNIX.[1997/10/31]
Iterative Linear Solvers for Finite Volume/Finite Difference Equations [1997/10/31]
Fortran Unformatted File Utilities [1997/10/31]
SP -- semidefinite programming software in Matlab.[1997/10/31]
LMITOOL -- a user-friendly package for LMI optimization.[1997/10/31]
SDPT3 -- a Matlab software package for semidefinite programming.[1997/10/31]
SDPMATH -- a Mathematica package for solving Semidefinite Programs.[1997/10/31]
SDPHA -- semidefinite programming homogeneous algorithms.[1997/10/31]
MAXDET -- software for determinant maximization problems.[1997/10/31]
QCDMPI -- pure QCD Monte Carlo simulation with MPI.[1997/10/31]
HotTEA -- an implementation of the BASIC language written in Java.[1997/10/31]
BCPL/MCPL -- simple typeless languages.[1997/10/31]
Deskware COBOL Interpreter [CM] -- a compact and easy to use COBOL interpreter.[1997/10/31]
Maisie -- a C-based simulation language for sequential or parallel execution.[1997/10/31]
MIRIAD -- Multichannel Image Reconstruction, Image Analysis and Display.[1997/10/31]
Elastic-Viscous-Plastic Sea Ice Dynamics Model -- Fortran 77 software for a sea ice dynamics model.[1997/10/31]
Molecular Modeling Toolkit -- a library for molecular modeling.[1997/10/31]
Scientific Python modules -- Python modules suitable for scientific research.[1997/10/31]
HPFfe -- an HPF/Java front-end.[1997/10/28]
plotutils [GPL] -- plotting of scientific data and the drawing of vector graphics.[1997/10/28]
jaw3d -- a portable 3D library and a model viewer.[1997/10/28]
prime -- a prime number generator.[1997/10/28]
LATS -- a library to output gridded data in support of some intercomparison projects.[1997/10/28]
wgrib -- a program to manipulate, inventory and decode GRIB files.[1997/10/28]
Plush -- a general purpose 3D graphics library.[1997/10/28]
Pathetic Writer [GPL] -- an X-based word processor for Unix.[1997/10/28]
Egon Animator [GPL] -- an X-based animation development tool for Unix.[1997/10/28]
HPVM -- communication layers, resource management, and Java-based front end for cluster access.[1997/10/28]
BIP -- small API for Myrinet network to achieve high performance communication.[1997/10/28]
PXI -- n-D data plotting program.[1997/10/28]
Whitney -- a project of establishing a large scale cluster of commodity systems.[1997/10/27]
C Interfaces and Implementations -- techniques for creating reusable software.[1997/10/27]
The New Jersey Machine-Code Toolkit -- helps write applications that process machine code.[1997/10/27]
Fast OpenGL -- develop and promulgate hardware accelerated graphics on PC-class computers running UNIX.[1997/10/27]
Xelen [GPL] -- developing electrical sheets and creating layouts for printed circuits boards.[1997/10/27]
tkPovShell [GPL] -- a graphical user interface for POV-ray in UNIX/X.[1997/10/27]
Ratfor -- converts the Rational Fortran dialect into ordinary Fortran 77. [1997/10/27]
SC_rate [GPL] -- produces position specific reliability prediction for any protein sequence alignment.[1997/10/27]
DeltaCine [GPL] -- Software MPEG1 (ISO/IEC 11172-1,2) decoder.[1997/10/23]
FullProf -- solve complex problems encountered in powder diffraction.[1997/10/23]
FLORID -- a deductive object-oriented database prototype.[1997/10/23]
AutoDock -- automated docking of flexible ligands to macromolecules.[1997/10/23]
Ted -- a full-featured multi-window text editor for Linux.[1997/10/23]
GRASP -- GUI front-end for GNAT, gcc, and JDK.[1997/10/23]
D3 ProPlus [CM] -- database management for a multidimensional world.[1997/10/16]
xindy [GPL] -- an index processor that can be used to generate book-like indexes.[1997/10/16]
XicTools [CM] -- integrated circuit design tools for UNIX.[1997/10/16]
siggen [GPL] -- use Linux box as a laboratory signal generator.[1997/10/16]
Pentium-GCC -- Pentium GCC.[1997/10/16]
optimizer [GPL] -- optimizes GCC/G++ assembler code to run with Pentium instructions. [1997/10/16]
lcc -- a retargetable compiler for ANSI C. [1997/10/16]
Stereo [GPL] -- a stereo-photometrology package.[1997/10/16]
magicsqr [GPL] -- a magic squares generator.[1997/10/16]
Ver -- a structural Verilog compiler. [1997/10/16]
drawmap [GPL] -- draws maps of the USA using data from the USGS.[1997/10/16]
LIMDEP [CM] -- a complete package for estimating and analyzing econometric models.[1997/10/14]
Mayko Xmap -- a map viewing program for raster and vector based maps.[1997/10/14]
Obliq-3D -- a high-level, fast-turnaround 3D animation system.[1997/10/14]
autoseq -- a small package of base calling software for ABI automated DNA sequencers.[1997/10/14]
ROMIO -- a high-performance, portable implementation of MPI-IO.[1997/10/14]
VIGIE -- comparing numerical results of hypersonic speed and magnetic filed simulations.[1997/10/14]
GEANFAMMER -- GEnome ANalysis and Protein FAMily MakER.[1997/10/14]

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