The goal of the "Whitney" project consists of collecting, porting, and developing the systems software and related technology necessary to run a large scale cluster of commodity systems as a production testbed. The plan is to build a prototype system of 20-30 nodes, each with 1-2 processors, and begin developing components such as compilers, message-passing libraries, resource management facilities, and system administration tools.

The current Whitney prototype is made up of 200 MHz Pentium Pro PCs running the Linux (2.0.30) operating system. Each node contains 128 megs of memory and is connected to both a fast ethernet and a Myrinet network. The MPICH (version 1.1.0) MPI library is used for message passing.

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No (there is no software release from this project yet)

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  • Debian Package: No
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Linux Cluster

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See Home Site for details

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